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Zoomlion HZS120 Concrete mixing plant Includes A good performance from the mixing console

Host Configuration famous label?? Zhuhai SICOMA company’s twin-shaft compulsory mixer.

More stirring edge design, unique mixing position, stirring quickly, uniform, high productivity, a can feed only thirty seconds

Stirring performance of the excellent mixture of dry rigid, semi rigid, plastic as well as other ratio of concrete

High put on-resistant high-chromium alloy rich in molybdenum lining and mixing edge, lengthy service existence

Shaft seal pressure seal having a unique patented technology to effectively prevent mortar leakage

Automatic lube system, mixing system to make sure ongoing lengthy-term operation

Water with the jet distance to the blending console, to ensure that water and seasoning mix faster and much more thorough cleaning

Hydraulic door body could be modified discharge door opening, effective prevention materials into finished items Mixer Once the spill.

Second, high-quality elements Machine ? Crude, refined weighing, weighing precision ? Excellent weighing sensor, weighing precision, and stability

Major supporting parts are very well-known brands, high reliability

Overall structure is affordable, extensive utilization of square steel profiles, rigidity and search

Delivery smooth and be sure normal feeding

Could also weigh four types of aggregate, calculating time is brief, high quality

Rear with screw tensioning device, which could adjust the belt tension degree, convenient

Within the sand and sand storage hopper from the wall, are outfitted with Vibrator , Favorable to rapid weighing and rapid discharge.

Three, filled with human instinct inclined belt conveyor design

Enclosed conveyor, dust-stopping materials, environment protection and good

Bilateral pathway, easy maintenance and inspection

Nylon material inner core belt (NN200), can effectively make sure the stable delivery of materials and belt existence.

Deviation rope type automatic alarm and emergency stop switch, run safer

Trough forward curler, self-aiming, to avoid the deviation

Falling weight in tension, not the standard adjustment

Crisp focused assortment of materials to facilitate cleaning

Sky blue color steel rain shelter, elegant appearance.

4, precise measurement of performance and weighing systems

Weighing, control, signal conversion element selection around the globe famous label, high-precision sensors, computer charge of imports, the different individual weighing (or cumulative weighing), stable, accurate

Created for powder screw conveyor Conveyor , Variable pitch style of the edge, transmission and efficiency. WAM’s pneumatic valve, seal tight, action and reliable water and liquid chemicals are crude, refined weighing method, the weighing precision.

Five effective electronic control system Advanced industrial computer PLC display instrument control mode, the following bit PLC implementation from the signal sampling and output control, IPC with dynamic display from the computer manufacturing process and production management, instrument extra data showing the size elements. Could be fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual control, simple, friendly interface, high reliability, flexible expansion.

Special weighing technology to guarantee the precision and toughness for measurement systems

Intuitive control interface, obvious and accurate simulation of on-site work processes

Easily manage the college scales, digital weighing technology school, the college scales through the upper intuitive interface, simple adjusted measurement scale

Drop automatic monitoring, compensation amendment ? Modified elements online information, real-time correction water ratio

System failure instant alarm, prompt ? Production data management, creating databases, ready reference, record production data

Report printing management, real-time print once the tank once the vehicle report or query, record production data report

Bunker material level management, automatic calculation from the powder bunker consumption, precisely show the present bunker material level

By world-famous Schneider low current control components

Optional network expansion systems, production control over resource discussing and remote monitoring, equipment maintenance.

6, excellent environment performance

All of the powder materials, in the materials, elements, calculating, mixing the fabric increases expected within the limited states are completed under cover mixer, cement metering warehouse, warehouse fly ash dust control measures are associated with the dust, filter use worldwide well known brands?? WAM company concentrating in producing mixing with dust, dust removal by negative pressure, to ensure that the dust produced when feeding in to the filter without full spread towards the surrounding, dust great results, stirring all of the primary building and also the belt closed conveyor structure, considerably reduces dust and environmental noise from the atmosphere.

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