ZipDial To Ensure Provides a Lifeline to E-Commerce Sites Impacted by the brand new TRAI Rules

Underneath the new TRAI rules the maximum of SMS’ sent per day is going to be limited to 100. This rule that will become effective on 27th September 2011 has common implications for several marketing firms and particularly for e-commerce sites.

ZipDial, a mobile solutions firm located in Bangalore, has released a brand new service known as ZipDial To Ensure, which can solve an important problem for e-commerce companies along with other web companies triggered through the new TRAI rules. Verifying the consumer’s mobile number is frequently a fundamental element of the verification procedure for many web-based companies. These verifications were carried out by SMS’ and underneath the new rules is going to be considered marketing activity. Publish 27th September they are able to only send no more than 100 SMS’ each day, be responsible for disruption of economic or non-compliance with TRAI rules. This isn’t all of the new rules specify that marketing SMS’ could be sent between 9AM and 9PM, only. Web companies your 24×7 atmosphere will effectively need to ‘pull lower their shutters’ for 12 hrs everyday.

ZipDial To Ensure service allows web companies to carry on operating effectively underneath the new rules. An internet site that uses the ZipDial service can request the consumer to go in his mobile number and as a result display a ZipDial number, that the user needs to call. ZipDial’s amounts are just like every other number and could be arrived at from the mobile number or landline number, all over the world. ZipDial auto-disconnects the phone call around the first ring and transmits the amount towards the website in tangible-time. The skipped call functions as verification the user does own the amount he joined on the website.

ZipDial released this particular service in March of the year, once the TRAI rules were initially said to be enforced. This particular service has a number of advantages, for both the finish-user but for the business. Around the customers part there’s not cost involved with calling the ZipDial number. For that business the verification happens softer and faster than ever before as SMS verifications were frequently fraught with delays. Also because the user is going to be making the phone call the company can be employed in the 24×7 atmosphere and never restrict itself to working between 9Am and 9PM, and so will be with SMS’.

Well-known e-commerce sites like, and TutorVista (are utilizing the service for prospecting) have previously activated for this service. The ZipDial To Ensure service has additionally been employed by NGO’s, live occasions, lawyers, etc. Throughout IPL 2011, ZipDial Cricket permitted customers a look in to the service by supplying IPL scores and news on the run.

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