Zheng Qiancai felt the ship technology

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultZhao Chaofan seems towards the lane would be a familiar appearance ,turn left turn right without hesitation .

*.P8.* !.* Zheng latent follow in behind Zhao Chaofan, he is able to hear the mountain came within the heated discussion of cheers and talking about the voice .Zheng Qian this can be a temporary play improvisation with considerable success ,a minimum of individuals males of bloodstream are he turned on .

As lengthy as there’s bloody, as lengthy as there’s a spirit of rebellion ,Zheng Qian could be well-organized .Zheng Qian mobilization work done, now have to consider may be the combat readiness and also to enhance the pay .

The war would be to depend on the sophisticated weapons and good training .These folks here .Time too lengthy, if run from lower towards the fight ,one many people could be bloody moments to scare ,the outcomes is going to be prior to the fight ,the end result will be prevented by Zheng Qian .

Anyone is really a existence ,every existence is effective ,Zheng Qian is really think .Also, he recognizes that the war could be dead ,and lots of individuals will die ,however the same results ,less dead just less than possible .

Everybody can be obtained to add mass to the main city, what’s going to happen later on benefits ,who’s also not really a conjecture .Zheng Qian thought their own mind, imperceptibly visited the forest edge .

Hidden but beautiful place within the river Zheng Qian and also the princess what food was in high cliff tor also saw coming back .But since the stand high, these rivers to them, thin ribbon ,go ahead now towards the river ,only to discover it ,the width from the river that’s so amazing .

Within the river, had several motorboats floating inside it, leisurely dangling . Chao po-tao ,this really is ? Zheng Qian doesn know where you’ll get the boat out . Your government ,you might not know ,these ships are abdominal orchid city siblings ,was ready .

There is a hightail it ,but days meteorite group see tight ,they haven’t found the chance .These ships could they be privately triggered .Waste lots of Kung fu . Such conditions, can establish so large boat ,abdominal orchid city siblings not simple ah .

Zheng Qian had considered this is probably to Xiaoshan . Yeah .Their leader is known as Xiaoshan ,is really a three class Ba division ,even though the scale isn’t excessive ,but is loyal ,comes into the world in the household of noble .

Within the ventral orchid city siblings between your prestige is extremely high . Zhao Chaofan was awaiting Zheng Qian for this time period ,it’s not idle .Zheng Qian nodded her head , as they was here ? Zheng Qian stated , if he’s aboard, allow him to come here in my experience .

,your government ,he’d arrived at visit his mind . Zhao Chaofan le .He’s fretting about not finish Xiaoshan entrusted to him the job .The ship ,Zheng Qiancai felt the ship technology is excellent .

Only steered clear of by boat ,make level there ,if he has a while ,it made some sailing boat can be done .Zhao Chaofan required Zheng Qian and also the princess towards the cabin of the room ,he arrived at out his hands and required the doorway ,and went .

Zheng Qian put Ling Bai in the mattress room ,to determine the princess back Tigress ,she still like a resting on the sweet dreams .Whitened Tigress right into a mattress .This room has put five beds ,may be the ship on among the biggest rooms .

It’s devoted to Zheng Qian a couple of people ready . Hard so rough character ,suddenly may also think so fine . Zheng Qian sitting by her bedroom ,arrived at to touch her face . Zheng Qian, I still worried .

You are taking a danger decision and also the fight ,very difficult to win . The princess continues to be around the Zheng Qian against the one thing to consume one ,this factor is simply too great ,and Zheng Qian appear to become casual ,it allow the princess how uneasy .

This stuff you do not need to worry, over time of war, you will have to perform a factor . Zheng Qian solemn consider the princess .That Which You mean to consider proper care of them ? Well .This time around you have to correctly safeguard them ,no mistakes .

When Zheng Qian states this word ,face the solemn expression allow the princess believe that your brain includes a guilty conscience .But arrived at think about it ,it’s no surprise the princess ,Princess strength and also the angel is simply too weak ,too .

OK. Is mad ,I should also safeguard them . The princess is really a responsible person ,since Zheng Qian again will female handed her to consider proper care of her ,that Zheng Qian continues to be trust .

Think which layer ,the princess were built with a little touched . Don .The final factor won’t ever happen again .The Winterfell is my city ,who may also not within my city crazy ! Your city ? Princess looked .

Winterfell is Duan city ,would be a royal city ,if this grew to become the city of Zheng Qian ? You don .The Winterfell is my city .I’ve got a duty to safeguard it from the violation .Who wish to move my city ,that his claws, lengthy enough, his bloodstream enough .

Zheng Qianyin forest .The princess understood that Zheng Qian wouldn say these words it’s without rhyme or reason .But she would like to interrupt the mind may also not understand why Winterfell ,is Zheng Qian .

Full Zheng Qian to forgive ,and allow her to possess the new sitting to Full throne ,is because of possess a base .Only stand firm calcaneal ,their very own metropolitan areas, only and also the and also the lizard fight .

OK. I don this stuff .Because you let them know ,you’ll want your reason .I’ll be as lengthy because they take good proper care of it . Princess self comfort .She recognizes that Zheng Qian ,if he didn ,needs to request ,is he going to play previously to be able to gloss it over .

If he really wants to say ,with no princess requested ,Zheng Qian will say .Say and never say, also has his reason .The princess threw in the towel further questioning mind . Somebody . Zheng Qian from her bedroom fully stand up ,all of a sudden rocked the cabin ,Zheng Qian knows ,this ship has sailed .

Then there came a knock in the door . Your government ,Xiaoshan to go to . Zhao Chaofan in the door and rang . ,my siblings ,don’t so great . Zheng Qian faces the doorway direction .Zhao Chaofan brought the Xiaoshan arrived .

Xiaoshan continues to be a tattered clothes .He is able to but no material could make shipbuilding ,he earned clothes .His dress was day meteorite group them in ,can now avoid seeing the initial color .

Xiaoshan ,desired to discuss ideas ,right? When i first saw you ,I understand explore easy . Zheng Qian just like a brother same, using a set of behave as an elder tone towards Xiaoshan . friend .

Xiaoshan supports the ring . Xiaoshan ,I must request .The ship allow us leave the hidden but beautiful place ? Zheng Qian request . Yes !Benefactor .Since you will know here’s hidden but beautiful place ,you need to know the title from the river known as Tongtianhe .

Xiaoshan to Zheng Qian to assume the mighty shall not ,thinking that there’s something next to nothing Zheng Qian would never know .Zheng Qian privately to wipe sweat .This river may be the Tongtian River ,he’s first heard about .

Hidden but beautiful place export within the forest ? Zheng Qian installed comfortably look ,still request .Xiaoshan felt that Zheng Qian was informed , only heard with the Milky way knows the supply of the forest is really a dark forest .

Yes ,benefactor .We currently go, it’s the direction from the forest .To be able to explore the street ,these 3 years, we die numerous siblings .Therefore the day meteorite group will come out as save employees ,to trick us .

To trap some siblings ,performed around the place . Xiaoshan if this involves here ,eyes burning anger .It appears the scene scene is showing up before his eyes . Shaw Siblings ,please let me this address .

.. … Zheng Qian of Xiaoshan really was admire .3 years ,3 years, is not polished his strle heart ,this guy self-discipline is very good . The benefactor, don call me ,break me .

Xiaoshan a confused mind look ,and trembling hands . Okay ,as it is called .Additionally you Bieen people call us a friend .I heard strange .You are able to call me Zheng potential well . Zheng .

.. … Heroes . Xiaoshan still cannot call Zheng Qian ,the guy ,3 years to not cease resistance day meteorite group ,everyday existence is at risk, didn’t see him leave .Now yet another title ,result in the guy felt so detained .

Zheng latent interest at Xiaoshan ,this guy can be a contradiction . En … … Zheng … … Heroes, we’re now using this river ,is really a tributary from the Tongtian river .The forest you will find certain areas mountain monster lair .

Once there exists a boat brother ,lucky to flee ,do individuals mountain tops monster prey .This road is extremely difficult . Shaw Siblings ,so far as I understand ,the metropolitan areas aren’t ordinarily have three PA division made an appearance .

Certainly one of you is really a quack organization? If your Zheng Qian peak . I’m the authentic abdominal orchid city pads immediate children . Xiaoshan responded . ,not saying ,all the three tyrants Division would be the known as go ? Princess road .

The lady might not know ,this rule ,only restricted to winterfell .Other metropolitan areas still have many three PA division ,however the amount isn’t much .The strict limit level three PA division places .

The portion excessively ,could be contacted to visit . Good like a fundamental solution . Zheng Qian knows this is actually the rule ,but additionally weaken the neighborhood forces a technique .Never allow the local forces pressure developing ,not the threat .

This province a lengthy-term area in danger ,and also the inhibition effect of local forces ,can shoot two hawks with one arrow . Zheng heroes, my belly blue city a hundred and fifty 1000 people come your way ,this existence to keep in mind as lengthy as you lives .

Zheng Daxia Jordan has sent ,my belly blue city a hundred and fifty 1000 escape very narrowly brother ,goes through fire and water ,isn’t impossible . Be assured ,you won’t be less .

Zheng Qian chuckled ,Xiaoshan that one ,appears to be really reliable ,will prove useful ,switched to Zheng Qian and stated , Shaw Siblings ,by doing this you despite letting go cruising speed is .

For me, you will find mountain tops of monsters ,Chao po-tao ,not something . Zheng Daxia includes a word ,it might ease my thoughts .I greet the siblings to accelerate . Zheng Qian smile off Xiaoshan .

Back face ,begin to see the princess looked as though considering sth. . Princess ,considering something ? Zheng Qian request . Zheng dive ,you say ,why Winterfell cannot have three PA division ,along with other city might have .

The princess stated . It’s understandable that due to Winterfell if there’s strong brings large trouble . Zheng Qian thought for some time ,then stated , I believe ,I’m not alone ,is home, such as the duration of soul and early peak ,also being from the heart from the .

Otherwise ,a 1000 Fenglou before a war so large action ,snowwolf camping how likely to not hear ? This can be a indication from the princess to think about it .Oh. Princess see light all of a sudden look , the initial large male might have this mind .

The princess stated, while Duan Feng will often act together to consider ,think duration of peak is getting some unusual . So stated ,the Winterfell ,is my city .It’s a peak at ,this city ,now’s mine .

You say Huben mission is yours ,but snowwolf camping isn’t your .Also, among the four forces of auspicious tea ,now you must left ,how is the Winterfell and you’ve got ? The princess really wants to know why Zheng Qian stated these words ,he finally couldn’t resist, straight poke stated from .

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