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at the begining of British Kang Shi in Shenzhen launched a brand new small high-definition home entertainment PC brand?? C Visual, C visual digital home entertainment marketplace is a substantial breakthrough within the area, C Vision’s first Machine E1100 Small Hd home entertainment PC, once listed, may cause customers, the media and channels of economic and outlook! Presently, the items are promotion, by December 25, login British Kang Shi ( world wide web.htpc6.com ) Website or by telephone 400 (400-6566-510) effectively buy a friend, you may enjoy the initial cost 2999 2399 after discount low marketing cost, may also be fine wireless Keyboard Mouse set! Available while stocks last! Simultaneously, customers can take advantage of the website service, 400 phone 24 hrs support. C vision, your honorable choice!

Using the creation of December, Year began strong in the atmosphere, remembering yesteryear about 2009, smoke high-definition playback computer market, domestic and foreign producers compete to produce a variety of qualities of high-definition playback computer systems and add-ons, at brand-title computer systems and DIY One another intoxicated by an progressively competitive market in general. The perspective from the consumer to buy these items with years of experience mostly IT Gamers, around the very demanding product needs. Like a flagship product inside the British Kang Shi, this small-C HD Player Computer Vision E1100 that has excellent performance with what?

Understanding, based on Xiao Bian, its manufacturer ShenZhen Kang Shi Electronic Limited design and output of military items has got the background, the commercial sector continues to be a hardship on over 10 years is really a embedded industrial computer systems, boards, Software And related product design, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech leader, broadly utilized in railway, transport, electricity, electronics, water, Textile , Medical, communications, finance, chemical, NC, military, aerospace along with other fields.

Strong R & D team, the core product the organization years of embedded System board R & D experience, experience of organization design, product application experience and deep knowledge of the marketplace, the very first British Kangshi Barebone masterpiece?? HTPC (high-definition home entertainment PC) C Vision E1100 born. The merchandise includes a superior performance in quality, particularly in product design, materials, environment protection and saving, the benefit is apparent. Simultaneously, the merchandise has transpired strict European CE and ROHS testing certification.

Unique configuration: C Vision E1100 fundamental configuration: CPU Apple MENLOW Z510 1.1Ghz, HT onboard 1GDDR2 Memroy memory INTELGMA500 display core, support for top definition video hardware solution 720/1080 500GSATAII hard disk 10/100/1000M systems, support Wi-fi compatability High-definition multimedia interface (optional VGA) the recording output an Sdcard slot, 5 USB2. interface, an optical interface, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a coaxial SPDIF digital audio output, a LINE- OUT, 1 MIC, Electricity-IN and so forth.

In the configuration, we are able to observe that the British Kang Shi C Vision E1100 nick set choose a discerning eye. The merchandise is distinctively selected within the high-finish MENLOW ATOM platform, not the same as everywhere ATOM-N series, the British Kangshi end up being the first landmass-based producers will MENLOW items. MENLOW platform advantages mainly in energy consumption, C Vision E1100 standby .3W, full load only 8W, energy-efficient than regular lights even lower many. Presently available on the market several high-definition home entertainment PC (HTPC) are usually within the 30W energy consumption is all about, so in energy efficiency, the product’s advantages are apparent.

Materials research: In selected materials, the British Kang Shi C Vision E1100 is okay. The merchandise can be used in most Europe and also the U . s . States Department of materials and parts, non-domestic materials and Taiwan-based materials, non-electrolytic capacitor, Solid polymer capacitors. For example: TYCO the FUSE DIODES (U.S. Department of) from the second transistor LITTLEFUSE of ESD NANYA the Memroy so.

Process Excellence: Along the way, the British Kang Shi C Vision E1100 make an effort to excellence. 10 layer PCB core CPU module design special custom pin, 10MIL gold plating process chassis interior planning sophistication, not really a chaotic alignment.

Within the warmth, because the ultra-low energy use of the merchandise, you don’t need to configure the chassis fans, and do not need to use warmth vents. In remarkable reliability test, the -20 to 80 , the device normal stability.

Design atmosphere: Within the design, the British Kang Shi C Vision E1100 dimensions for just 170 138 52mm, about 32K paper size, weight only one.1KG, regardless of how placed, C would be the vertical and horizontal visual E1100 has type, in order to save space. All-aluminum chassis, sealed design, the closed space to bar radio waves which within the situation, C Vision E1100 in eco-friendly, economical, environment protection has arrived at a brand new height!

Both hardware configuration, or material design, or eco-friendly energy, Uk Kang Shi C Vision E1100 desktop to alter not just the amount and also the change is a perception of consumption. Like a high-definition home entertainment PC (HTPC) within the high-finish items, C Vision E1100 Industrial Design from famous, quality, technology, environment protection along with other hobbies, to satisfy the growing consumer need for customers. Meanwhile, C Vision E1100 ultra-small size, low energy consumption and three full HD playback features allow you to effortlessly integrate in to the home, whether it’s warm and comfy atmosphere from the bed room or family room filled with existence, you decipher it well suited for home entertainment!

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