year-old child patients with hfmd suspected deaths because of delays in treatment in private treatment centers

Around the 14th morning, Loudi Shuangfeng City. Kou Chen Feng

table holding the ball (a pseudonym) from the medical records, crying mess. April 11, under 5 hrs within the hospital following the save, 2-year-old was pronounced dead ball. Hunan Provincial Children’s Hospital under detecting severe wave with Hands, Feet and Mouth Disease . Within the April 9, the two-year-old, a personal clinic in Shuangfeng be treated as regular Cold Patient.nt.

14, the reporter interviews from Shuangfeng County Health Department discovered this, known as “four treatment centers,” the non-public treatment centers, there’s no process, “the medical institution.”

age forty before they were given a young child

Chen Feng introduction, Heze Fan, 42, 24 months ago, they delivered the ball, and today He Zefan themselves kept in hotels, quiet.

Since the couple has worked abroad Heze Fan, 5 several weeks ago, Chen Feng wave towards the stone cities and towns within the lock underneath the mother.

4 9 yesterday morning, Chen mother with “just a little fever,” the ball visited the county chair, Chen Feng will automatically get to the county four-ball treatment centers for treatment. Why choose this clinic, “since it has run for several years, doctors Liu Jiyun Zuozhen the initial director from the Hospital of Pediatric medicine and experienced.”

Chen Feng stated Dr. Liu towards the wave measured the body’s temperature of 39.2 degree fever. “He stated the most popular cold, open the medication of some antivirals.” At this time around, she noted significant wave There have been once several herpes hands. Immediately think about a hands, feet and mouth disease, was given to Liu Jiyun this. Liu Jiyun insist the common cold, towards the wave hit the pin, required the drug.

Chen Feng stated, based on Liu Jiyun’s exhortations, and subsequently day she required the ball towards the clinic for treatment, performed ten minutes piece by piece, the ball sweat. She’d transformed an outfit towards the ball and continue injections, then your ball started to tic signs and symptoms, but Liu Jiyun considered wave “were afraid, and calcium.” And gave him dental calcium gluconate.

Died in hospital 4 11, Chen Feng again using the ball towards the four treatment centers, then your ball can no more walk. Chen Feng immediately rushed using the ball Shuangfeng Individuals Hospital, doctors initially identified with severe pneumonia and respiratory system failure might be, hands, feet and mouth disease, it’s suggested to instantly visit greater level hospitals for more treatment.

4 11 2 o’clock, Chen Feng Hunan Provincial Children’s Hospital using the ball showed up, saving a lot more than four hrs later, the evening 7:15, ball dead.

In Hunan province children’s hospital medical records on hospital diagnosis: severe disease, brainstem encephalitis, neurogenic lung edema, decompensated shock, stress High bloodstream sugar , Metabolic acidosis. Bobo’s uncle, Zi-Qiang He stated it’s wrongly diagnosed four treatment centers, the delay from the wave treatment, finally resulting in the dying from the ball.

14 morning, Shuangfeng County Health Bureau from the clinic for four family people and ball coordination, the 2 sides decided on an offer. Underneath the agreement, Jia-get 76,000 yuan compensation.

Treatment centers without practice qualification Yesterday mid-day, this reporter saw in the four treatment centers, clinic doorways closed, have closed the doorway within the clinic, Liu Jiyun hung an indication around the old physician Zuozhen. Liu Jiyun reporter then found his boy home, Liu’s boy stated he is able to represent his father, but declined to become questioned. Deputy Secretary for Health

Shuangfeng Zhao Zhenglin stated later on, within the County Health Bureau, the municipality underneath the auspices of consultation services between doctors and patients.

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