Yamaha PSR-E423 Versus Casio CTK-500 – Electronic Keyboards Comparison

The electronic keyboards advertise is an extremely competitive arena about large gamers with Yamaha, Roland, Casio and Korg (among others). This really is all accomplished news instead of the customer since i have beg your pardon? We’re out of the box excessive quality and quality packed keyboards that offer incredible estimate instead of money.

However, individual from the issues with each one of these keyboards and all sorts of their skin is tough to choose the reasonable individual instead of you. Stylish this comparison I bear selected the Yamaha PSR-E423 and Casio CTK-5000, which are off face to face within the middling size sector. I’ll tell you about from the commonalities and variations to facilitate you are able to advantage a larger understanding and optimistically bake a much better span instead of physically.


These two instruments bear a 61 take note of piano with ample size secrets. However, the PSR-E423 has organ design secrets as the CTK-5000 has piano design secrets. Despite the fact that both keyboards bear drop response, which agency you are able to vary the take note of for the way much pressure are applying towards the scale, the organ design interpretation from the PSR-E423 will linger on instead of as lengthy while you stand lower the size. Alternatively supply, the piano design secrets from the CTK-5000 allows interpretation to progressively die off.

The PSR-E423 has 32 take note of polyphony as the CTK-5000 has 48. Polyphony may be the go to of synchronised interpretation which may be performed on a single instance. Stylish this context, the CTK-5000 is clever of considering that softer and much more natural transitions hooking up interpretation.


Both keyboards bear an associated specs after it involves onboard sounds and tones. The PSR-E423 has 700 tones and also the CTK-5000 has 670. These vary from a ostentatious piano to some triangular, and all sorts of other instrument created in hooking up. Being with largely instruments of the type – about are accomplished, about aren’t so accomplished.

Similarly both keyboards are extensively filled with onboard tempos and tunes. The PSR-E423 has 174 tempos although the CTK-5000 has 200. You are able to habit these as accompaniments to boost your personal performance. Likewise, the PSR-E423 has 30 tunes as the CTK-5000 has 152. They are useful instead of lesson be a part of as well as your own listening enjoyment.

Features and Facilities

Both keyboards bear digital personal property free with reverb and chorus (PSR-E423 has 9 reverb and 4 chorus CTK-5000 has 10 and 5) and both bear a sequencer to facilitate you are able to plant concurrently and LP your personal arrangements (both keyboards bear 6 tracks free having a 5 song memory). Furthermore the CTK-5000 comes with an SD license booklover instead of elevated flexibility to facilitate you are able to download/upload your personal store.

You are able to unite a appoint of earphones towards the creation of both instruments instead of quiet practice. However, individual the CTK-5000 has line results instead of link with an outdoors aide practice or mixer. With this motive, the CTK-5000 is much better suited if you wish to habit it inside a live show situation.

Another notable quality, again using the CTK-5000 individual, may be the sampling function. With this particular you are able to LP some audio seem input (maximum ten seconds) and at that time be a part of it back with the piano. This reveals a entire spanking selection of creative options and possible instead of fun.


Being you are able to consider it, these two keyboards are extremely related in terminology of specs. To see relatives habit, you essentially cannot set off iniquitous with either. The CTK-5000 gives itself faintly more to some live atmosphere. However, the PSR-E423 has more onboard instrument tones along with a junior suggested retail cost. Ideally probably the most excellent machine to make certain of is always to try both earlier than retail, but on smallest nowadays in imitation of recitation this short article you must understand I beg your pardon? To anticipate.

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