XTAR D35-Specifically Created For Dive Fanatics

Would you like dive? In case your response is yes, It is essential that you should possess a diving torch. Here, I must recommend XTAR D35 for you. XTAR Brought Torch is really a company located in Shenzhen China which concentrates on torch research, production and purchasers. XTAR D35 may be the latest diving Brought torch of XTAR Brought Torch. It’s specifically created for dive fanatics, which is often used for diving spear fishing, underwater photography and so forth.

The primary options that come with XTAR D35:

1. 2350 lumen 100 meters underwater torch.

2. Brightness selector. (Ways: First of all turn magnetic ring to mode Choose, next choose brightness from 15 lumen to 2350 lumen as the request, finally turn magnetic ring to mode Preset rapidly.)

3. Memory function. Brightness saved instantly once selected.

4. Brightness progressively growing to safeguard eyes and circuit.

5. Reverse-polarity protection to avoid damage from incorrect battery insertion.

XTAR D35 100m Diving CREE XM-L U2 Brought Torch

ANSI Illumination levels:High Mid Low Strobe SOS Preset

Luminance: 2350Lm 800Lm 200Lm 2350Lm 2350Lm 15-2350Lm

Duration: 21.5h 5.5h 25h 500h-1.5h Max

Range : 475m(on land)

Max Intensity: 56500cd

Impact Resistance: 1.5m

Water Proofing: Underwater 100 meters

Bulb: 3x CREE XM-L U2 Brought

Crust Materials: Anodized aircraft 6061 aluminium alloy, type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

Working Current: 2.75~4.2V

Battery: 3x 18650/18700(Recommend protected batteries)

Switch: Magnetic switch

Size: 83.0mm(Mind dia)x 46.5mm(Body dia)x 214mm(length)

Internet Weight : 870g(Excluded batteries)

Additional Functions: Memory function, Preset 2350Lm to 15Lm when needed.

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Tel: 86 755-25507076

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