WWE SmackDown Versus Raw 2011 Redemption Codes for Xbox 360 360

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developer:Yuke’s writer:THQ Corporation. genre:sports / fighting platform:Xbox 360 360

release date: World: 26 October 2010 USA (NTSC): 26 October 2010 Europe (Friend): 29 October 2010 check this out game on other platforms: 360 PS3 Wii PSP play modes: single / multiplayer multiplayer: common screen

quantity of gamers: 1-4 game language: British age needs: 16

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Getting offered a lot more than 50 million models worldwide, the famous WWE simulation experience and annual center piece in THQ’s growing WWE videogame portfolio returns to define the best WWE moments and provide gamers increased creative and decision-making freedom in their storied journeys within WWE. WWE SmackDown versus. Raw 2011 will empower gamers more than ever before to define their game play encounters inside a dynamic and ever-altering WWE.

Game play situations can change according to player choices, permitting for additional spontaneous WWE action interior and exterior the ring. Gamers will even have a greater degree of interaction and also have elevated charge of their destinies within the game’s popular Route to WrestleMania story-driven mode. A hallmark from the franchise, WWE SmackDown versus Raw 2011 will deliver its biggest offering up to now of best-in-class creation and personalization features.

New Dynamic Physics System

The brand new dynamic physics system in WWE SmackDown versus. Raw 2011 will transform game play right into a highly realistic experience that produces the wedding moments ever observed inside a WWE videogame. All your matches and object interactions will feel and look unique, dynamic and unpredictable to capture the entire essence and authenticity of WWE. Additionally, the dynamic physics system will generate different match final results every time you play.

New WWE World Mode

WWE SmackDown versus. Raw 2011 is usually the first WWE videogame which will adjust to how you behave. Through this completely new accessory for the franchise, any time you play a match, game play scenario can change according to your choices, permitting for brand new rivalries, alliances, championship matches, run-inches, ratings and much more spontaneous WWE action both interior and exterior the ring.

Biggest Roster in Franchise History

WWE SmackDown versus. Raw 2011 will boast certainly one of biggest rosters in franchise history, using more than 70 of present day prominent WWE Celebrities and WWE Divas open to increase your game play experience. Each in-game model will feature new muscle-flexing skin textures and movement technology, delivering probably the most authentic searching and moving WWE Celebrities and WWE Divas you’ve ever observed in a WWE videogame.

Creation Upgrades

WWE SmackDown versus. Raw 2011 will give you more creation tools than ever before that you should personalize your Celebrities, finishing moves, story designs and much more. A lot of new position animations, together with a new Create-a-Finisher attacks from the turnbuckle 150 new Create-a-Celebrity parts, including new tattoo art and pattern texture support Fresh paint Tool upgrades for example sign masterpieces point system upgrades and simplified searching and discussing of content with the robust WWE Community Masterpieces portal.

Route to WrestleMania

Have a greater degree of interaction and control as the direction to WrestleMania story-driven mode returns with major updates and new story lines. This season, you’ve got the capability to freely roam through locker room areas, choose competitors, enter impromptu matches and fulfill future according to your options. Here’s your moment!

Online Mayhem

Play a comprehensive number of favorite match types online against numerous competitors for that ultimate WWE experience! Further particulars to become revealed soon.

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