WWE SmackDown Spoilers

Wade Barrett leaves in the centre for the finish from the match. Ezekiel Jackson torture shelves Justin Gabriel for that win as Barrett watches in the stage. Very good tag match.

Backstage promo with Sheamus and Teddy Lengthy demanding a complement Christian tonight. Teddy Lengthy states he will put him with another person that’s upset and states he will put him with Randy Orton tonight.ht.

Backstage promo with Slater and Gabriel telling Barrett the Corre was over!

Trent Baretta versus The Truly Amazing Khali’s rookie from this past year (did not catch the title) w/ Khali at front row. Noisy USA chants throughout the match. Quick job match. Baretta got a tiny bit of offense in but was depressed by Khali as he went to the peak rope establishing the conclusion. Khali using the vice grip following the match.

Backstage with new WWE diva AJ. Tamina gave her cheese like a welcome gift. Angie spoken some junk and Tamina stated which was small talk for a woman who’d be alone within the ring tonight. Natalyia emerged alongside Angie and Tamina sniffed and requested if a person cut the cheese. Corny as hell. LOL!!!.

Tamina versus AJ expires next. Typical Divas match which ended with AJ moving Tamina up for that win.

Randy Orton proven walking within the back.

Orton by helping cover their the planet Title to some HUGE ovation. He cuts a promo about Christian believers promo earlier. He calls Christian out which raises the Titantron. Christian informs Randy to request the fans what they need. Christian informs Randy he wants yet another match for that title. He states he was the referee a week ago and may have counted his shoulders but he did not wish to beat Sheamus. They create a match for Capitol Punishment. Christian then leaves and states “Help you in Electricity Randy”.. I am speculating they’ll turn it into a triple threat or totally ignore Sheamus altogether.

Backstage they reveal Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase speaking regarding their partnership. Rhodes requires his plastic box and informs him to place a bag on his mind and get free from his face (pointless).

Sin Cara versus Ted DiBiase is next. (Cara’s pyro is Very noisy).. Sin Cara won via DQ when Rhodes snapped up him from outdoors the ring. Publish match beat lower until Daniel Bryan went in making the save.

Teddy Lengthy arrives and causes it to be a tag team match. Cara and Bryan versus DiBiase and Rhodes has become up.Heels control the majority of the match aside from a couple of spots with the majority of the warmth on Sin Cara. Match ended when Daniel Bryan locked his submission on DiBiase in the top rope making him submit.

Johnny Curtis within the back stating that he won NXT 3 several weeks ago and that we only saw him two times since. He stated he wasn’t mad but he’d one of these simple that they revealed a potato nick on his shoulder.. Another corny joke LOL!

Backstage promo (too many of those. Crowd gets pissed) with Orton speaking about his complement Sheamus.

Sheamus arrives. Apparently it is a No DQ complement Orton. Orton arrives to a different huge ovation. Let us Go Randy chants through the show.

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