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Integration 300 000 000 six million assets, 4,000,000 none other credits, Wuxi U.S. Paradise 17 store ready for that May 1 Golden Week. This season 51 war, the nation continues to be U . s . States to experience Paradise “cost killer” character, stormed the 51 electronic devices market, using the large way to obtain inputs and also the concentration of resource discussing profit on the substantial discount vow to construct 51 Golden Week Expo.

Large single cost lower 40@%

Referred to as “cost killer,” stated the nation again this season made the U.S. Paradise pressure, inherited this year’s Work Day Golden Week of none other courage and enormous single-sourcing abilities, the 2010 Golden Week stocking for 51 300 000 000 six million, and co-100 domestic and worldwide famous label providers to reply to 51 war

, The new sony, Sharp, Philips, LG, Haier, Midea brand providers for example to consensus, 51 period, the well-known brand providers to supply preferential guidelines for that country the U . s . States, hundreds of countless prices and gifts of assets put together in the united states the U . s . States Paradise outgoing. Wuxi, China Paradise Electronics America huge sums of cash invested nearly 400 million, large single procurement mainstream popular items, in April 30 this very day started.

For the main producers Dingli way from large purchases, the general cost lower close to 40 %.

Heavy cost of a big category

Removed, based on Wuxi for that U.S. revealed this year 51 Gome includes a go, the entire group of energy release, as the cost is near to unparalleled freezing, additionally to a lot of special offers additionally, hardly ever involved even major festival occasions 3C (

, Computer systems, digital) also provides the major activities offered. It’s understood this 51 32-inch LCD below 1,800 yuan, 42-inch mainstream

Below 4,000 yuan, 4,800 yuan below 46-inch, 55-inch LCD below 7,000 around the door

, Drum automatic washers have progressively decreased our prime-finish home home appliances worth, three door refrigerator below 2,000 yuan, 4,000 yuan around the door underneath the refrigerator, washer drum is below 1,500 yuan,

Overall 4 fold, the greatest cost straight lower 3,200 yuan, a power-efficient ac below 999 yuan! Overall 5 folded kitchen purchase, a lot more beautiful gifts gift consumers, also offered a lot of special

Items will also be open throughout the availability of 51. 51 period, Gome 3C items is going to be “cheap,” lead the marketplace, digital delivery of 100 over 1000, and also the bonus value manners. Notebook delivering gifts below 1,999 yuan, the entire computer straight up lower 1,000 yuan. Brand cell phone prices overall up, 500 fell below 1,000 yuan megapixel phone …

Appliance experts advise: Take “TM” The final wave

Since September 2, 2009 in Wuxi City, Paradise, Gome Home Home appliances TM to college right in front Street store formally began, to date has effectively retrieved that old Gome Electrical 200 000 models, direct drive sales 500 million yuan, a lot more than 20 million people achieved positive results in the projects that help the condition.

Learned, GOME Electrical Home appliances Co., Ltd. Wuxi may be the first home appliances TM to improve sales of dual-winning recycling clients are also positively promote the nation’s policy on TM towards the home appliance chain businesses, in compliance using the Wuxi Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, as stipulated in policy from the first batch of home home appliances TM towards the city by the date of 2010 May 31, Gome Home Home appliances experts have cautioned that 51 is the greatest time for you to buy home home appliances, home home appliances TM to meet up with the same time frame last wave can also enjoy a tenPercent condition subsidy policy.

Purchase exclusive Very important personel exclusive service appliance Expo

Shanghai Expo licensed items as an office building approved store, Gome stores in the united states to produce a devoted core items Expo Very important personel service, customers throughout the time from 5.one to ten.31, all items in Gome to purchase single products Expo over 1,000 yuan, will get a totally free ac cleaning cards, washing the ac not restricted to, liberated to purchase the shopping and time.

Additionally, the Expo for any day to purchase consumer items over 20 1000 yuan, the nation will be provided eight major U.S. service packs to incorporate air-conditioning maintenance, fluoridation, transfer machine, smoke machine cleaning, cleaning ovens, fridges defrost, TV dusting, washer cleaning. Condition authorities stated the U . s . States service, the nation presented this eight U.S. service, daily utilization of home home appliances would be the customers most looking for services. To advertise the Expo home appliances, Gome their own money to subsidize producers for customers to see the professional maintenance staff Expo home appliances exclusive Very important personel service.

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