The concept behind requesting another condition may be the backwardness it has experienced through the years. However agree that Hyderabad has indeed seen some development, however they easily disregard this by declaring it’s been at the expense of negligence from the other parts of the region. There’s an dishonest behavior being portrayed through the political figures, who might have continued to be in their position, and may have went after similar demands via constitutional techniques. However they chose to create disruption within the smooth functioning from the region’s polity and request for his or her demands by blackmail underneath the garb from the fasting. Departing the ethics of political figures aside, we should dwell to their demand, which would be to separate the location in the condition of Andhra Pradesh and allow it individual statehood. This is a simple question fond of their harmful demand. If it’s recognized already the major developed regions and industries haven’t spread to Telangana, then how’s it a strategy to completely separate it in the developed areas and to usher in development simultaneously. It’s a lot more like separating solution in the problem. It’s an apparent contradiction. Does it ‘t be better to help keep the location intact because it is, and also to channelize assets much more to add mass to the location? By separating it in the Andhra Pradesh, the end result is a backward region without any link with the developed areas or assets for development. You can accept the TDP and congress leaders once they state that it’s not happened till date. But this doesn’t imply separation will probably be a quicker or the answer. If things haven’t happened till date how they must have, then they should be done now. But to make use of this type of situation for political fits and to produce a new condition with a brand new political party are indications of selfish politics. The way the folks of Telangana take advantage of this move? They will not, not in any way. They are only divided from areas which have similar linguistic census. They’ll be isolated and tossed at the disposal of a brand new political situation, where development in no way is going to be faster. Telangana will stay backward for several years in the future. Andhra Pradesh won’t readily provide any aid or resource for this is a separate condition altogether. The government authorities of these two states will their very own quarrels and delays developing from constant need in one finish and refusal from another. At best the political figures who’ll make up the first government from the separated region have a fresh playground to test their political stunts in, which again won’t materialize into measurable growth for that region. Not able to Telangana would be to remain intact using the condition of Andhra Pradesh, and also to use its already running development machinery to expedite its very own growth. Much more by approving the separation, you will see priority based on which numerous separation demands may arise later on, and can succeed too. They are harmful waters the fasting political figures are using, they have to consider not only setting a milestone within their political career. The answer would be to do what must be accomplished for the location, and never to harp with an irrational demand which has no correlation using the real growth and development of the location.

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