Why Jesus is not returning.

Christian believers have within the last two 1000 years been looking up in the skies awaiting the return of the messiah. But possibly now it’s time they faced reality – Jesus is not returning!

The historic Jesus stated the Kingdom of God would arrive very rapidly. Within the Gospel of Mark he states, -I be honest, some who’re standing here won’t taste dying before they begin to see the Kingdom of God.- (Mk 9:1, see also Mk 13.30) Taken literally, as Mark intended, the historic Jesus was predicting that his fans would be alive once the Kingdom of God would descent – dependent on several weeks or years, although not millennia.

The truth is however, we have no ancient old apostles travelling, so either Jesus lied or he earned an error – in either case he would be a false prophet.

It’s interesting that Paul, among the first Christian missionaries who resided circa 5 – 67 AD, seemed to be expecting Jesus to come back within their own lifetime. In the epistles Paul constantly refers back to the approaching kingdom. He states the -time is brief- or even the -world in the present form is dying.- Clearly Paul thinks the finish is within sight. Actually, Paul thinks the dominion of God is really imminent he recommends his fans to not bother marriage. He states -due to the present crisis, I believe that it’s healthy for you to stay when you are. Are you currently married? Don’t seek the divorce. Are you currently unmarried? Don’t search for a wife.-

For Paul there is virtually no reason for marriage because, because he first viewed it, Jesus only agreed to be nearby. He obviously thinks Jesus will return inside the lives of his converts and the values complement the Gospel of Mark.

Jesus was late. This triggered terrible embarrassment towards the early Christian believers, who thought Mark and Paul that there is going to be considered a very literal, earth breaking event. Eventually over time and Jesus still did not return Christian believers were instructed to re-evaluate their knowledge of the dominion of God. Today Christian believers states such things as -the dominion originates already, it’s within our hearts.- Be that as it might, this isn’t what Jesus and Paul trained and thought.

In my opinion I reason that the historic Jesus was identifiably a Jew of first century Palestine. I consider the religious climate of this era and find out that lots of people expected the dominion of God to become a truly awesome spectacle, with armies of angels and also the dead rising using their graves. This really is seen for instance within the Dead Ocean Scrolls. Together with the whole shebang of Josephus the correct answer is simple to recognize the initial apocalyptic message from the historic Jesus that has now been polluted.

To conclude, Jesus really expected the dominion of God in the future inside the lives of his fans. However it did not. He was wrong. Christian believers should stop waiting.

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