Where should China Die Casting Mold Industry go

Unique circumstances of China casting industry

As everyone knows, China casting industry positively depending around the domestic towards the worldwide market, makes good accomplishments since its accession towards the WTO. However the embarrassing situation from the recent the diminishing market demand in worldwide atmosphere made a result of decline in export development of our items, that also elevated the chance of the casting industry rise in China impacted by multiplication euro zone sovereign debt crisis. Where should our die-casting industry fail the brand new situation?

Mold expert’s recommendations for die casting mold industry rise in China

Mold expert Luo Baihui gives suggestions our die-casting industry should develop toward the directions of huge, sophisticated, complex, high quality, lengthy existence and flexibility altering market situation. We ought to positively introduce and learn advanced technology to produce R & D, making effort to interrupt the monopoly of foreign technological degree of advanced nations on our die casting mold industry, still overcome the occupation from the high-finish technology independent research and development to use, which is answer to the get the die casting industry. Only thus the die casting mold industry in China is capable of certain results when confronted with the harsh development situation.

The die casting industry in China should depend around the domestic broad market, and progressively proceed to the worldwide market

Because the comprehensive strength in China becomes more powerful and more powerful, the nation’s consumption level in China has additionally considerably enhanced and also the trade amount of the non-public vehicle shows a rising trend, that also greatly increased the rapid growth and development of connected die-casting and casting industries. React to the phone call from the national twelfth Five-Year Plan, China’s auto market is moving in direction of wise atmosphere to optimize and upgrade, this transformation also provides a larger space for development of the profession. Which is a vital moment for that die-casting enterprise in China industry restructuring, that will give a better development momentum the die-casting industry in China. Simultaneously, the commercial structure from the die-casting production essentially transformed in certain industrialized areas, plus some die-casting companies undergo some pot, merger, reorganization, as well as some failures, however, many businesses slowly move the die-casting production overseas and hang another factory. In this complex atmosphere, the die casting industry in China should depend around the domestic broad market, and progressively proceed to the worldwide market to guarantee the steady development of the profession.

Measures to build up the casting industry in China

At the moment, although China’s casting production development situation is recession, but the introduction of relevant industries are under way, which supplies a possible market demand to add mass to casting industry. The casting companies should intensely execute market expansion for casting and also the key areas related the casting to find a bigger target audience and development space. It’s important to handle the restructuring of the profession, when the casting industry in China really wants to achieve great development, we ought to focus to accelerate the adjustment of commercial structure when maintaining growth, support casting backbone businesses to create mix-industry, mix-regional and mix-possession association, merger and reorganization, promote numerous large enterprise groups with worldwide competition and also the “special, unique, refined, new” professional production businesses, developing advantage complementary and coordination development new pattern of industrialization. This short article originate from :

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