What nowBin laden is dead

Today it’s all within the news,It’s Been Confirmed Bin laden is DEAD.Ok now what the mastermind around the globe Trade Center bombings on Sept.11,2001 and also the our Government and also the numerous terrorist attacks around the world. Who’ll take his place would be the people doing just what the so known as radical nation of Islam wants us to complete.They need us to become lulled into a feeling of false security.It is now time when you should be in a condition of high security.Personally i think that terrorism will increased,because by his dying we’ve given them grounds to battle even harder.Tourist ought to be very aware where and when they travel.In my opinion you should be careful here both at home and at our edges.We don’t let our guard lower.I believe this is not the finish it’s only the beginning let us hope not.

Harold Akers dean.

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