What Is The Best Arena & Battleground Class in Mists of Pandaria

MOP is going to be release on September, the PVP there appears tougher, so what is the best arena & battleground class in Mists of Pandaria. Rogues are the most useful overall, but DKs have plenty of niches and Paladins can lol Vanguard Cleave up. Players are becoming a number of changes that may either create a huge change or very little alternation in 4.3, and so i will not discuss that simply yet.

For the best DPS in Mists of Pandaria, I have heard lock can perform well. Difficult to say, as fear is an extremely nice tool, however, many are safe from it too. Predators are usually excellent at pvp too, so I’d imagine they’d be very good at arena, especially 2v2 since they are great burst damage.

Ret has decent burst by popping all it’s awesome downs, however that burst is definitely countered by shaman, priests, mages & predators who are able to offensively eliminate, or by classes that may CC till they put on off. When individuals awesome downs are lower however ret is not a threat since it can rarely reach ranged targets & remain in range lengthy enough to result in trouble.

Its personal survivability is just comparable as other melee too so really the only reason to create a ret pally may be the off healing that will suck come 4.1 when both their off healing & personal survivability will end up an entire joke. Unholy would be also good, much less burst as players or frost spec however, you can bypass nearly all a targets armor while remaining in it constantly, your pet sacrifice for any heal also provides them insane survivability when stacked having a glyph’d form of dying strike.

Overall if you would like melee burst opt for frost Dk’s or fury/arms players. Sub rogues can function too but they have to utilize their CC well to obtain the most from the spec.

Anyway, concerning the best arena & battleground class in Mists of Pandaria, everybody likes different way how you can play. Somebody could say, the best is rogue or shaman or whatever. But maybe on their behalf, not for you personally, because you do not need the play style. Everybody here would say different class, race, talents, etc… Everybody likes different things. Now it is dependent just you, should you discover the best for you.

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