What are you aware concerning the computer terminology related tobanking _ Part 001

Access:To keep or retrieve data

02. Add-on:Circuits, systems, or hardware products that may be mounted on a pc to improve its memory or enhances its performance

03. Application: A method, like a payroll, that’s been defined to become appropriate for electronic information systems techniques

04. Archieved file: Personal files which has ben moved to some lower level within the memory hierarchy, usually from magnetic disc to magnetic tape, might be consequently of procedures of appropriate resource management

05. Array: Several several realistically related elements recognized with a single title generally saved in consecutive storage locations in primary memory

06. Audit trail: A lasting record of each and every transaction taken with a computer, showing for instance, when customers log out and in, what transaction they perform, when files are utilized and the kind of access. Study of this record provides a method of watching designs of security breach and/or works as a deterrant to violations

07. Availability: The number of time a tool is working properly towards the total scheduled here we are at operating

08. Back-office procedures: Operation that doesn’t involve direct interaction with clients

09. Support:An origin that’s, or can be used an alternative whenever a primary resource fails or whenever a file continues to be corrupted

10. Barcode: A printed machine readable code that includes parallel bars of assorted width and spacing. The applying most generally observed may be the coding on food and goods that’s read in the checkout and converted right into a type of print around the bill showing product and price

11. Batch processing: An approach to organizing work with a pc system, made to reduce expenses by grouping together similar jobs

12. Bit: Contraction of binary digit

13. Bug: A mistake or mistake inside a programme

14. Byte: Several consecutive bits developing one of storage within the computer and accustomed to represent one alphanumeric character a byte usually includes 8 bits but could have more a less bits with respect to the type of computer

15. Character: An alphabetic letter, a digit or perhaps a special symbol

16. Nick: A little section of merely one very of semiconductor usually plastic, that forms the substrate where is fabricated just one semiconductor device or all of the individual products composed of a built-in circuit

17. Configuration: The specific hardware elements as well as their interconnection inside a computer for the duration of operation

18. Debug: To follow and proper errors in programming code or hardware malfunctions inside a computer

19. Down time: The proportion of your time that the computer isn’t readily available for use

20. Dummy: A man-made instruction, address etc used simply to fulfill specs inside a programme although not really carrying out the purpose

21. Duplex funnel: A communication funnel that enables data to become sent both in directions concurrently

22, Encoder: A little table-top electronic machine that is a mixture of electronic typewriter and calculator – functions: scribe number data within the MICR in preferred font print all of the levels of all instructions with batch/grand totals zero-proofing place clearing endorsement, stamp around the reverse of instruments

23. Image: A duplicate in memory of information that is available elsewhere

24. Interface: A typical boundary between two systems, products or programmes

25. Lock: A vital or any other number of figures that enables use of specified storage locations or software systems

26. Log-in: To go in the required information like personal identification number – PIN and/or password to start a session on the terminal

27. Menu: Their email list of options might be displayed having a sign code opposite each. The choice will then be produced by typing the only code. The technique provides simple method of guiding a person via a complex situation by showing a string of simpler choices

28. Primary memory: Storage situated within the computer for programmes, together with their data, while they’re being performed

29. MICR:Abbreviation for magnetic ink character recognition. A procedure by which data, printed in ink that contains ferromagnetic contaminants is read by magnetic read heads

30. Modem: Acronym for modulator demodulator – a tool that converts digital data output from another device into analog data that may be sent over communication lines or the other way around.

31. OCR: Abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition

32. Output device: a tool that may offer just the creation of data, like a printer or card punch

33. Password: Several figures through which a person is distinctively recognized, when logging onto a terminal or when posting a programme for execution

34. Real-time: Time that passes with an regular clock

35. Scan: To look at sequentially all of the records inside a file to be able to find individuals whose secrets meet a particular qualifying criterion

36. Soft Copy: Output that’s displayed on screen of the video screen

37. Quick: Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication

38. VDU: Abbreviation for VISUAL Screen

39. Bandwidth: Just how much items you can send via a connection. Usually measured in bits per second

40.Beta: Preliminary or testing stage of the software or hardware product: -a beta version-, -beta software-

41. BIOS: Means Fundamental Input/Output system: The BIOS accounts for startup the pc by supplying a fundamental group of instructions

42. Binary: This can be a fundamental system of numbering using ones and zeros

43. Bluetooth: Radio technology that connects electronic products without needing a cable. Data and voice could be exchanged at ranges of up to 10 meters without resorting to products to become arranged together

44. Boot disk: A diskette from which you’ll boot your pc

45. Buffer: A location, particularly in RAM, for that temporary storage of information with regards to accelerating a surgical procedure for example printing or disk access

46. Browser: It’s a software employed for viewing pages on the internet

47. Bus: An accumulation of wires by which information is sent in one a part of a pc to a different

48. Catche: A unique block of fast memory employed for temporary storage of information for convenient retrieval

49. Compact disc-ROM: Compact Disk Read Only Memory – an optical storage medium that may hold about 700 Megabytes of information and it is utilized with lasers

50. CGA: Means Color Graphics Adapter: CGA permitted no more than four colours in a resolution of 320 x 200 or two colours at 640 x 200.

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