What are the differences between Teak & Ipe Patio decking

Teak and Ipe patio decking are two most well-known hardwood floors around. You’ll find pros who prefer one within the other, however, whenever you place them face to face, it’s really no contest Ipe patio decking both outlasts and outperforms teak. As the colors will vary Ipe is brownish with a few golden specks and olive brown hues, whereas teak is generally more brown, the sturdiness, eco-friendliness, and price prove that Ipe surpasses teak. Don’t think me? The amounts prove it.

Having a Janka hardness rating of 3680, in comparison to some little over 1100, Ipe is three occasions harder than teak patio decking. This advantage implies that an Ipe wood deck are designed for much more traffic and abuse. Additionally, it means that it’ll look great doing the work, too. This type of density also helps within the natural advantages that Ipe has over teak. For example, due to this density, Ipe can withstand the most brutal of environments. Could it be any question that the area as trendy as Martha’s Winery would choose Ipe patio decking over teak for that Edgartown Lighthouse.

When comparing teak to Ipe, you will also uncover that whenever it involves how lengthy these hardwood floors can withstand mold, mildew, decay and termites, Ipe patio decking again arrives on the top. Actually, the U . s . States Naval Research Laboratory and also the US Forestry Laboratory examined Ipe in exterior configurations and located it required over fifteen years for any hidden Ipe deck board being prone to insect attack. That’s an essential distinction especially considering that teak is much more renowned for getting used in marine conditions. Surely, with this particular understanding in hands, you can observe that perception isn’t reality. Another surprising truth is that Ipe is equally as or even more slip resistant than teak. Want more details about Ipe and teak evaluations?

Not every teak is identical. Most teak originates from the nation formally referred to as Burma (now referred to as Union of Myanmar). Burmese teak is really a questionable commodity now since the cropping and cultivation techniques that leave Burmese teak are infamous because of not being eco-friendly. Actually, obvious cutting and reducing and burning would be the techniques of preference for teak producers. Searching for an alternative choice to Teak? There’s Plantation teak. Teak that’s been grown and cut from farms might be more eco-friendly, but they’re certainly less durable. Exactly why is Plantation teak a less strong material? Well, teak that’s been grown in farms is cut prior to the trees obtain a switch to mature fully. This can lead to patio decking that may rot and splinter a great deal. Considering balance more stringent recommendations help with by national organizations such as the U . s . States Eco-friendly Building Council, the Forest Stewardship Council, and also the Brazilian government department referred to as IBAMA, the Ipe wood you purchase has most likely originate from a really eco-friendly source. This time should be outlined. Lapacho Ipe (one specific species) is a lot more eco-friendly than teak. Ipe hardwood originates from handled forests whereas most teak originates from obvious-cutting producers. The only real alternative, Plantation Teak is less strong, yet costs as much.

This can lead to the ultimate point cost. Ipe patio decking isn’t just more powerful and longer-lasting, additionally, it is cheaper. The typical board feet price of Teak is generally $20 to $25. However, a board feet of Ipe can cost you between $7 to $10. This is a savings of roughly 150%!

To sum everything up is Ipe more powerful than teak? Yes. Is Ipe more eco-friendly than Teak? Yes. Is Ipe a much better value than teak? Yes. Ultimately, it simply makes good practical sense to select Ipe patio decking.

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