Matthew 24:15 So if you notice the abomination of desolation spoken of through the prophet Daniel, waiting in the holy place (allow the readers understand) –

From Cain to Nebuchadnezzar, everybody who attempted to overcome the Jewish, the folks from the Covenant, made it happen vigorously through land and military conquest. In the Jewish Antiquities, Flavius Josephus provides a detailed account of Alexander the Great’s trip to Jerusalem and also the transpiring occasions that triggered him to not invade and destroy it. Despite the fact that Alexander the truly amazing didn’t conduct a military campaign against Jerusalem, the Hellenic empire accounts for the in the past most effective conquest of those of God, which through cultural assimilation. The Western philosophical Greek is really as opposite towards the Eastern covenantal Jew as day is opposite from evening, but is generally stated, ‘opposites attract!’

When Israel had become truly hooked on Hellenism as well as were built with a Greek hired corrupt Jewish High-Priest, all Antiochus Epiphanes thought he needed to do ended up being to send his emissary with a listing of reforms to place all Judaism into his evil hands. He did not expect the Maccabee revolt. Where I stand, the Maccabees might have won the war and rededicated the Temple, Antiochus Epiphanes might be dead, but the type of Anti-Semitism he trained continues to be alive and vibrant.

In the great graciousness and empathy Hashem gave us His Deliverer. This Jewish, Righteous, and Torah-observant Deliverer was high-jacked by Greco-Roman followers who in under 200 years displayed Him like a Roman god outfitted like a Greek Adonis teaching Greek philosophy. Within twisted ignorant interpretation of Paul’s epistles, this id theft in our Deliverer incorporated exactly the same group of religious reforms started by Antiochus Epiphanes that are to prevent watching the Sabbath, practicing circumcision, eating based on scriptural nutritional laws and regulations, and studying theology according to the Torah.

Like a Jewish believer, I’ve found myself in awe that today, my non-Jewish siblings live and eat exactly the same religious reforms as individuals pressed by Antiochus Epiphanes as well as find myself shunned using their fellowship as you whose, as you would expect, theology is excessively affected by Judaism. I question what Yeshua would think about the truth that basically want fellowship with non-Jewish followers, I must live and eat Antiochus Epiphanes rules.

It might be Suitable for others, but Jewish followers need another Chanukah revolt where with Matthias Maccabee we are saying “NO” to Antiochus Epiphanes’ rules and live our belief in Deliverer based on the the covenant Hashem gave to His people. Maybe on that day would be the Day’s Deliverer. May Hashem provide us with another Matthias Maccabee who’ll are a symbol of us and bring us in to the cultural fight to defeat Antiochus Epiphanes for good!

Patrick Gabriel Lumbroso

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