Ways to get free Wi-fi compatability on New England trains

Weve for age range been using the opinion that since Colonial started charging for on side its trains, the service is not any quite just like if the was was free. Colonial PR stated theyd carried out numerous technical wizardry to verify consistent, high-speed access, whereas is reality it couldnt pull skin off a grain pudding.

Not to mention the prices is not sensible whatsoever, thinking about the path stretches from Glasgow to London ?4.95 by having an hour or ?9.95 all day long and evening C itrrrs likely you’ll be having to pay top whack, then. ?But consider A quarter-hour of free Wi-fi compatability, Bitterwallet?? Whether it labored, thatd prosper C but even opening your email is like awaiting a equine to solve Fermats Last Theorem.

So heres some homework for individuals travelling the road fairly frequently, published lately whilst in the comments by enthusiastic Bitterwallet readers Iain. Tell us how good you proceed:

You have to utilise the disposable Colonial Wi-fi compatability service for over One fourth-hour then you will want make MAC address. The pc appears your device based on the network cards MAC address so keep altering might you are getting free internet for a person’s journey.

Image located on Colonial totally free previously hour now with no issues except the annoyance of going through to re-connect every One fourth-hour.

For anybody employing a Mac you certainly need to find an application known as ?ChangeMAC?on CNET download.com also it could sort you out of trouble.

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