WATLI PEERAN (dist..Chakwal)

Watli Peeran is really a beautifull village of tehsil Choa,sedan shah ,dist Chakwal. Here the peer family members have satteled for several years. This household is the descendent of HAZRAT BAHAOUDDIN ZAKARIA MULTANI SOHARWARDI (R.A). Within the peer group of watli shareef the favourite personality who had been an excellent sufi (wali-Allah), Hazrat Peer Shah Jamal (R.A). The descendent of Peer Shah Jamal (R.A) sattelled in diffrent places for example “Tatral” , “DeraRajgan”, “Durgae”, “Karooli”, “Sarkal”(towns of dist chakwal) and in “Dewan.e.Hazoori” (dist Jhelum) and “Jatli”(tehsil Gujarkhan). Hazrat Peer Zaman Shah (R.A) who had been additionally a famous personality of peer group of watli sharif was satteled in Dera Rajgan (basharat) tehsil Choa,saidan shah. His Mazar can also be within the graveyard of Dera Rajgan. Next His boy Peer Feroz Shah (R.A) who had been an excellent hourse driver (Shahswaar), satteled in Dewan.E.Hazoori (tehsil sohawa, Dist Jhelum) and arranged his second marrige in the household of HAZRAT DEWAN.E.HAZOORI QADRI (R.A), who had been an excellent sufi. Peer Feroz Shah (R.A) has three sons from his second wife ,Peer Muhammad Anwar Shah, Peer Ali Asghar Shah and Peer Munawar Hussain Shah,who live in Dewan.e.Hazoori village. Peer Muhammad Anwar Shah has four sons Snawar Hussain Shah , Sajjad Anwar Shah, Shaukat Ali Shah and Shafqat Ali Shah.


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