Watching nd Discussing Videos frm YouTube t iTunes

YouTube ?s presently th? biggest movie resource. ??n?? ?t b?g?n ?n 2005, ?t continuously ?nd tremendously increased ?ut t? b? th? giant ?t ?s today. ?t h?s ?v?r billions ?f videos submitted ?n ?ts server ?nd th? amounts ?f videos ?r? growing day b? day. Wh?t ?s ?n th?r? ?s n?t th? r?ght question t? ?sk? ?h? question sh?uld b? “Wh?t ?s n?t ?n th?r?”? Y?u ??n find ?lm?st ?n? video th?r?. ?t ??n b? game, documentary, TV sh?w ?nd movie trailers, moments, cut moments, making-of, sneak look, interviews, t?k? ?ut, discussion ?r ?t ??n b? ads, lessons, training, news, homemade videos, music videos, tunes ?t?. ?h? list ??n g? ?n l?k? forever. Categorizing billions ?f videos ?s n?t ?simple task ?foot?r ?ll. ?h? point ?s ??u ??n find ?n? video ?n th?t website ?nd watch ?t f?r free.

Now, h?w ?b?ut watching ?t offline ?n ??ur portable products su?h ?s apple iphone, iPad ?r ipod device? Y?u ??nn?t d? th?t. ?h? reason ?s th?t YouTube m?stl? us?s FLV (Expensive Video) video format, but iTunes supports ?nl? MP4, MOV ?nd M4V video clips. ?? ??u n??d s?m? w?? t? import YouTube t? iTunes.

How you can import youtube into itunes on mac os x lion?

The simplest w?? ?s t? convert th? YouTube videos ?nt? MP4 files th?t iTunes recognizes. ?? d? th?t, ??u ??n us? Video Ripper tools f?r Mac b? iSkysoft. ?t ?s ? effective video ripper tools wh??h ?s easy t? handle. ?t supports lots ?f video formats, n?t ?nl? MP4. ?h?r? ?r? enhanced presets f?r d?ff?r?nt products wh??h m?k?s ??ur task ?v?n simpler. Y?u ??n ?ust choose t? convert f?r th? specific Apple items th?t ??u ?r? us?ng. ?n situation ?f iTunes, ??u w?n’t g?t iTunes option but ??u will g?t th? specific n?m? ?f th? Apple device ??u ?r? us?ng. ?n?? conversion complete, the converted files is going to be imported t? iTunes ?utomatically to ensure that you are able to sync for your Apple products very quickly.

Alternately ??u ??n us? ? specialized tool known as iTube Studio f?r Mac. ?h?s software helps ??u download th? videos fr?m YouTube ?s well. ?th?r video discussing sites l?k? Facebook, TNT, ?nd Google Video ?t?. ?r? supported ?s well. ?n?? downloaded, ??u ??n convert YouTube t? iTunes mac r?ght fr?m th?r?. Y?u ??n ?ls? integrate th? software w?th Safari. ?f ??u d? th?t ??u ??n start download videos b?f?r? th?? ?r? fully loaded b???us? ?t ??n identify videos ?n Safari ??g?s. Y?u ?ls? ??n convert th? videos ?n s?m? ?th?r formats ?s well. ?s FLV format ?s n?t supported directly ?n Mac, th?s software, iTube Studio f?r Mac includes ? FLV player us?ng wh??h ??u ??n view ??ur downloaded videos ?n Mac. F?r b?th software ??u ??n us? th? trial version f?rst. L?t?r ??u ??n purchase ?t.

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