Watch out for Ripoffs guy by Mr.Rashmi C Patel from (Ahmadabad) is possessed by Mr. Rashmi Patel of Ahmadabad. He’s a large traitor and less than professional Businessman. He’s treated several companies around the globe, from them couple of come from Gujarat, especially Vadodara & Ahmadabad. Mr. Rashmi C Patel, despite delivering warning emails and calls, he’s not responded us too, we and lots of companies have registered gripes in the court for his less than professional behavior and loot in excess of 2 lacs. We’ve done his web development and marketing that he needs to pay a lot more than 20,000 nevertheless its pending since a lot more than 3 several weeks without correct response from his finish.

Mr. Rashmi C Patel from Ahmadabad, recall the title Rashmi C Patel. He’s a large traitor or fraud, has tricked many businessmen across world and because well. Please ensure that you’re not doing any company with this particular guy. Remember, once more his title is Rashmi C Patel from Ahmadabad, yes as being a false title (female’s title), he’s an incorrect character and truly false behavior like a businessman.

He is the owner of two websites, and , both websites are possessed by him but always remember, payment for websites is not completed. We’ve attempted to warn all of the businessmen and individuals across here, to make sure he canrrrt do any fraud with other people.

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