Using V-devices within the Gangue Crusher

Gangue impact crusher transmission is a very common drive way, which goes towards the flexible friction drive, using the v-belt torque to alter the rotate speed. The dive devices have flat belt, V-devices and V-ribbed devices along with other types. Additionally, synchronous toothed belt, that is driving by convex teeth within the inside and tooth mesh. Belt drive mainly employed for the gangue crusher, its installation and adjustment method also offers an agent.

The style of gangue crusher requires a number of information, and thinking about numerous factors. Although it’s no have to master all of the installation and usage particulars, it’s important to know the fundamental application conditions.

Cement making machine font-size: 12pt”>The energy of gangue crusher relates to the kind and quantity of v-belt. The kind and quantity of v-belt is bound, the model and quantity of v-belt ought to be in conjuction with the groove. Don’t lessen the v-belt, or single belt pressure increases, and simply result in premature failure.

Book up if the three secrets wheel, shaft and bolt have been in best position pre and post cellular phone. When the set up isn’t good, it’ll affect the whole process of machine, and please re-adjusted. Before fixed the various components, it must adjust the parallelism of two axes. The troughs of these two pulleys ought to be accurate alignment. The various tools you might used are square, flat ft, and rope.

After adjust the positioning of belt wheel and it is parts, book up whether the standard satisfy the needs: the type of v-belt should be in conjuction with the grooves around the devices. Youd better choose the v-belt with similar manufactures of the identical batch, with the identical length. Even though the v-belt length and standard are marked around the peripheral surface by the size of inner circumference, it frequently happened the nominal length was different using the actual length, that will lessen the existence of v-belt. For the similar reason, it’s important to alter all of the v-devices simultaneously no matter you will find functional devices. Following the alternative of v-devices, please adjust the pretightening pressure.





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