Update from Project GAOSP Drakaz.(Android 2.x Universe i7500)

Samsung i7500 Universe Community in general looks Drakaz and the team. He’s a stride nearer to posting a completely functional Android version 5.by towards the Universe i7500. Samsung didn’t offer an update unit greater than 1.6(Donut) and GAOSP is clearly the right slap when confronted with the Samsung Designers. Drakaz implies that you’ll be able to launch the Universe 2.x, and demonstrate that easily(see video at bottom of publish). Browse the latest developments are:



UPDATE: The very first nightly build of Froyo online: Have it on GAOSP project page .

Hello world.

Sorry for that very long time with no publish I live, and react to twitter, but there’s virtually no time to blog I’m dealing with many new GAOSP FROYO! Im trying to port CyanogenMOD 6 / AOSP Froyo within our universe, are mixed to construct a brand new GAOSP .

First of all, thank you for that cyan and the team. Project page CyanogendMOD: world wide web.cyanogenmod.com .

What is up because the last beta 2?

Use Samsung Universe HOLD key, like the trackball towards the Nexus, to unlock the unit(configurable in CMParts) Add configurable fs check by sys.checkfs.body fat request Add configurable sensor distance Add xml-fr-RCA LatinIME. Canadians now texting keyboard

New initials setup

Fixed reboot / recovery reboot the froyo Install all of the put together modules / system / lib / modules(neps) Import overlay of cyanogenmod 6

Add full support exterior Sdcard compilation while building(neps) RIL Fixed the froyo

things merge with CyanogenMOD 6 Use mtd @cache cache rather than / data performances

Now when mtd @cache cache rather than / data / cache Fix / system / symlink libmodules error checking wi-fi compatability Fix

Add Galaxo programs with

Enhanced video playback Make use of the default Launcher AWDLauncher Update the build process, now’s the kernel(neps) Using cyanogen Dalvik

Fixed an issue with data / telephone(RIL related)

Import some galaxos stuff in GAOSP Modules Up-to-date Added compache Fixed an issue with the wi-fi compatability DHCP(Christian Hoffmann) ?


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