True and false del HRSC failure to locate a batch of comments suspect athletic shoes 5 day morning

True and false “del HRSC” failure to locate a batch of comments suspect athletic shoes 5 day morning, based on “del HRSC” manufacturer fuzhou sole agent confirming,

JinAnOu drum mountain industry and commerce in blessing road f equine commercial

plaza “to honor sports gear shoe store”, grabbed a load of suspected of

infringing trademarks of faux “del HRSC” athletic shoes. Due to the shop suspected

unlicensed and trademark violation, at the moment, the drum mountain GongShangSuo

already had grabbed seven cases came to 160 double fake “del HRSC” athletic shoes

based on law, and also to initiate an analysis seizure.

Happen to be punished “to honor sports gear shoe store” the retailer stated

this batch of footwear from quanzhou replenish onr’s stock, but cannot provide

invoice area proof. The police force inspection, the store didn’t provide

industry and commerce business license.

Inspection police force officials discovered that the main and also the agent

provided the registered trademark of contrast, this shoe store purchase of

counterfeit athletic shoes enough “genuine”, only vamp trademark with quality goods

trademarks exist very small variations, if don’t observe carefully, which is

hard to determine. Based on presenting, really “del HRSC” athletic shoes

quality goods trademarks pictorial left hook, and footwear responsible type

counterfeit trademark logo design right hook, Authentic British signs for “the footwear of

the DEER”, and false footwear British signs is “DEER”, just situation distinction

Quality goods footwear boxed both in Chinese and British, and also have Symbols combination

fake footwear boxed icon combination some short short text, both icon some lack

each one. Drum mountain GongShangSuo alerts a citizen, carefully distinguish the

nuance, like the discovery of counterfeit sports footwear, please quickly

calling 12315 complain the url.

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