Treeless Mountain


Two youthful women, Jin and her more youthful sister Bin, remain to their personal products when their mother informs them she’ll look for their estranged father. They’re left to reside using their alcoholic aunt in Seoul, that has hardly any curiosity about the women with no experience like a mother, along with a money box that, when full, will mark your return. Jin and Bin have to find their very own way with just the profit the money box as well as their creativeness. Once they fill the money box, as well as their mother does not return, the women are delivered to accept their grandma and grandpa on the farm. Here, the 2 women learn valuable training about family ties because they eagerly await the return of the mother.


Hee Yeon Kim as Jin. Jin is really a seven-years old who’s instructed to take proper care of her more youthful sister, Bin, when their mother leaves them.

Song Hee Kim as Bin. Bin may be the more youthful sister of Jin.

Soo Ah Lee as Mother. While only briefly showing up on the watch’s screen, her return is eagerly anticipated through the two primary figures, Jin and Bin.

Mi Hyang Kim as Large Aunt. Large Aunt remains to consider proper care of the 2 youthful women. She’s an alcoholic and it has litle curiosity about taking care of the young girls.

Boon Tak Park as Grandmother. Grandmother gets control the proper care of Jin and Bin after Large Aunt can’t take proper care of them any more. She shows the women about the significance of inner strength and family bonds.


Reception of Treeless Mountain continues to be generally positive. It presently holds a 7.2/10 rating on IMDB according to 297 votes by 12/21/09. Treeless mountain also offers an 86% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomato plants according to 35 reviews. Additionally, it holds a generally favorable review rating on Metacritic, having a score of 75/100 according to 14 critic reviews along with a score of 6.5/10 according to 2 user votes.

Most reviews generally praise the quiet and subtle character from the film together with the performances of these two youthful stars. Negative reviews generally cite the possible lack of dialogue and slow plot progression.

Honours and nominations

Treeless Mountain has won three honours together with being nominated for an additional.

Treeless Mountain won the Prize from the Ecumenical Jury in the 2009 Berlin Worldwide Film Festival within the Forum category. Additionally, it won Muhr Award in the 2008 Dubai Worldwide Film Festival for the best Film. Additionally, it won the Netpac Award in the 2008 Pusan Worldwide Film Festival. It had been also nominated for that Producers Award in the 2009 Independent Spirit Honours.

DVD release

It had been launched on DVD within the U . s . States in ’09.


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