Treatment for anorexia – The best tips for treating anorexia

Treatment for anorexia

Anorexia is not a disease but an eating disorder. In this problem a person do not feel to eat, and gradually losses appetite. For this reason anorexia will also be known as loss of appetite. majority of the healthcare professionals believe that anorexia is a form of nervousness regarding weight gain. That is certainly, a person suffering from anorexia may believe that they are overweight and so they need to lessen the intake of food.

Treatment for anorexia

Yet, in most of the cases it is found that patient’s body weight is 20 percent lower than their own perfect weight. In such drastic condition, treatment for anorexia tend to be successful to inspire the intake of food by increasing the patient’s appetite.


Treatment for anorexia #1
The very 1st points on treatment for anorexia is by psychotherapy or psychological counseling together with medical and nutritional support and guidance.
However the treatment may differ from individual to individual, based on the seriousness of the situation. The psychological counseling may help those struggling with anorexia to get a grip on their fear of eating and underlying causes that leads to the eating disorder in the first place. A regular consultation with the registered dietician will help the person to regain their habit of normal eating.


Treatment for anorexia #2
The next treatment for anorexa is as simple as eating apple. Apples can be used in anorexia treatments since they are really rich source of minerals and vitamins. treatment for anorexia it is suggested to take apples and later to drink milk with honey. This mixture gives essential nutrients and energy which offers wonderful effects on health. More on this diet helps the suffering person to get mental clarity and also to remove their unhealthy obsession.


Treatment for anorexia #3

Third treatment for anorexia is by ginger. Ginger is a wonderful diet for anorexics. Peel a bit of ginger and add four drops of fresh lemon juice inside it. Add a pinch of asafetida and also black pepper. Blend all of them together to create a thick paste. Get it early morning during an empty stomach.

Treatment for anorexia #4
Lastly are an effective remedy for loss of appetite treatment. Prepare a mixture by having one teaspoon of lime juice within a teaspoon of ginger juice. Also add a pinch of rock salt. Pour the mixture inside a glass and keep in sunlight for 3 days. Have this kind of mixture after every meal in order to restore the appetite. It can also be stored in great quantity by increasing the amount of ingredients.



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