Transit of Saturn through Virgo

Saturn makes its way into Virgo on Sep 09 , 2009 and can stay there for just two years, like a Saturnine cycle is 3 decades. This occurs at 0038 Several hours IST, also it brings the finish of Elarata Saturn for Cancer and eighth Saturn transit for Capricorn. He’s advantageous to Cancer, Aries and Scorpio. Almost always all zodiac discussions ultimately results in Saturn, the planet of Future, Melancholy and Retribution. He implements the Universal Law of Karma ).

Saturn shows us frugality, simplicity and humbleness. He shows us the need for time. He is a superb taskmaster and that he brings in this way of discipline within our lives. He isn’t an evil Karma account keeper, since many imagine. For financing, you spend interest. Similarly you spend for the wages. Saturn purges you of the sins and leads you to definitely Self Actualisation !

Most of what go wrong using the world – the truly amazing Recession & political chaos – could be credited to Saturn in Leo. The cold Saturn within the fiery constellation of Leo didn’t augur well for that world. Financial stringency and crisis, chaotic weather, accidents which were frequent, high failure rates of government authorities reacting to crisis are the whole shebang of Saturn in Leo. Therefore the world looks toward Sep 09th, as he transits to Virgo !

Moon Sign – May be the Zodiacal sign where your Moon is posited inside your sidereal horoscope.

Ideas provide the results of Transit Saturn for various Zodiac Signs.

Moon Sign Virgo

Saturn is extremely adverse within the First. A variety of strife and conditions will visit you. ( Nana Roga Shucham ). Fear from poison or fire, of buddies and family people., anxiety about incarceration, visit another country, lack of money ,near and dear ones. Anxiety about vicious opponents, destruction of agriculture, financial quarrels and lawsuit, reduction in agriculture, separation from kith and kin and struggling with insults. You feel gloomy and melancholic as problems overwhelm you. Melancholy will mark you on her own. Total waste of time, waste of cash, waste of effort etc characterise this Saturnine period. There might be change of location, dissipation of wealth and factors harmful to health appear. Be cautious about health insurance and wealth.

Moon Sign Leo

The very first 5 years were intensely agonising and subsequently 2 1/24 months ( this phase ) can give some respite. But you’re advised that Elarata Saturn isn’t over. Again you will see many tests and hardships till 2006. Destruction to wealth and happiness indicated ( Sukhartha Vihathim ). Lack of position, great expenditure, health risks and transfer with a other place indicated. Emaciated looks, lack of comfort, acquisition although not enjoyment of wealth.

Moon Sign Cancer

Saturn turns benign and blesses you with lots of favours. You will see gain of position and subordinates ( Sthanartha Bhrithyadhikam ). Personal finances enhances. The only thing you lost throughout his remain in the twelfth, Ist and second is going to be redeemed. You receive political connections and favours from political figures. Luck in gambling indicated. Stock market, jackpot and lotteries ought to be attempted. Why don’t you utilize this benign Saturnine stance ?

Moon Sign Gemini

Saturn turns adverse within the fourth. You will see a dearth of happiness ( Sthree Bandhastha Sukhachyuthim ). Mental peace and happiness requires a beating. This era is called Angular Saturn or Kandaka Sani. The fourth Describes domestic happiness . Domestic happiness turns into a scarce commodity. Relatives become opponents and mental tension increases. Separation from buddies and family people, suspicious character, crooked behavior and wicked functions.

Moon Sign Taurus

Separation from sons, lack of money and frequent quarrels. Fall from Wealth and happiness ( Dhana Sukha Bramsam ). Mind turns into a pot of mental turmoil because the planet of Melancholy marks your for their own. Gloomy mood always. You do not need to worry as the next thing of Saturn provides you with anything you have forfeit including happiness.

Moon Sign Aries

Saturn turns benefic within the sixth. All of the blocks and hindrances on the road to progress vanish. You receive the favour of political figures and effective people. You will see luck in gambling. Opponents get destroyed because the planet which provides over-all happiness becomes more positively posited. Favour from opponents and illnesses & connection to the fair sex. All of your opponents is going to be subjugated ( Sapathna Kshayam ).

Moon Sign Pisces

Saturn is incorporated in the adverse seventh now. This really is known as Kandaka Sani or Angular Saturn. Mental peace and happiness will get affected. Misunderstanding with family members can’t be eliminated. Because the seventh house signifies spouse, Saturn’s position therein isn’t good in the outlook during conjugal happiness. Separation from wife and kids and aimless roaming about. There might be habits for lengthy travel and also to escape from a person’s own place.

Moon Sign Aquarius

Saturn is very malefic within the eighth. A variety of road blocks and obstacles appear inside your path. Melancholy marks you on her own throughout this dark phase .Misconceptions with family members. Enemy trouble indicated. You’re advised to prevent arguments and unnecessary speculation. This isn’t the perfect time for you to speculate. Be also careful in handling hr. Indulgence in mean activities may be the result and you’ll be bereft of happiness. You will see sorrow and reduction in the financial sphere ( Analpa Dukha Nichayam ). Dhanakshayam or unnecessary expenditure will characterise this era.

Moon Sign Capricorn

Saturn could cause financial rigidity. Obstacles and mental worry. Is affected with hate ,heart trouble as well as jail time. You will see habits to escape from Knowledge and also the Law ( Dharma Pranasa Mayan ). This is actually the ideal here we are at Meditation and also to benefit from the bliss from the Self.

Moon Sign Sagittarius

Saturn causes reduction in the financial sphere ( Daridram ). Be cautious about speculation and investment. Will get new avocations but manages to lose fame and money. This can be a bad phase temporarily and it is known as Angular Saturn. Mind becomes perturbed consequently of the adverse Saturnine stance. You are able to option to Remedial Zodiac for solace.

Moon Sign Scorpio This can be a prosperous period as Saturn turns benign and blesses you with financial and academic gains. Your assets increases. And thus will goodwill and status. Your merits is going to be extolled. Should you speculate, you might develop flying colours. Financial windfall should be expected in the stock exchange. Birth of the boy and general happiness. For the correct calculated risks, you will get profit from the stock exchange and jackpot. ( Dhana labham ).

Moon Sign Libra – Within the twelfth, Saturn marks the start of Elarata Saturn ( His 7 1/2 adverse period.) Everything goes topsy turvy. Don’t take unnecessary risks because this period is extremely adverse. Dangers to health & wealth indicated. Transfer with a other place can also be possible. Be cautious about handling money as Saturn can harm your purse ( Artha Vihathim ).

Astro-Therapy for Saturnine Transit

Saturn may be the second greatest planet within the photo voltaic system. ( 700 earths could be squeeze into Saturn ) & his transit is definitely necessary for the zodiac fraternity. Because he may be the planet of Ayus or Durability, his transits can do or die you, healthwise. Also, he rules Dying & illnesses. In Medical Zodiac, he rules the Vayu Tattwa, the environment Principle in your body physiologic ( as the body consists of 5 Great Elements ). Joint disease, paralysis & epilepsy, appetite loss & the illnesses triggered by lack of the environment Element are triggered by him. He signifies Sorrow, the Sorrow from the Cosmic Guy, the sorrow natural in the process of Manifestation. He signifies the public and it is the earth of Democracy and Communism. He’s the Celestial Judge of actions. He’s the earth of Never-ending Time, Eternity. He’s even the Dying planet (Mrityur Vyadhischa Dukham Shanirapi Gadhitham ). He is able to elevate you to definitely dizzy levels and simultaneously hurl you in to the abyss of dissolution. He produces anxiety about opponents. He causes quarrels associated with money and destruction of agriculture. His satellite Gulika ( mythologically symbolized as his boy ) is yet another highly malefic planet. ( Akhila Mrityu Samhara Karako Mandi ). In Horary Zodiac Blood pressure measurements , if both Saturn and Gulika are together, it spells large difficulties for the querent. If they’re together within the fourth, it may indicate an illness from the location, like cancer ! ( “Cancer is really a disease from the location” – Dr Hartman )

Origin of Gulika

There’s a fascinating story concerning the origin of his boy, Gulika. Ravana , an individual of immense occult energy, commanded Saturn in the future and remain in the eleventh House of his boy, Indrajith, the eleventh House to be the best house for Saturn to stay in. Saturn, together with his innate idleness, came and remained in the eleventh house but put his feet within the twelfth ( the worst house for Saturn to stay in ). An angered Ravana stop his leg and also the entire mass of bloodstream and bones went and remained in the Ascendant ( Lagna ) as Gulika !

Saturnine Transit is adverse for Houses 1, 2, 4,5,7,8,9, 10 & 12 – Virgo, Leo, Libra, Gemini, Pisces, Taurus, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, & Gemini, to be the Zodiac Signs which are affected.

He’s benevolent for Houses 3, 6 & 11 – Scorpio, Aries & Cancer

As astro-therapeutic remedies, you are able to fast on Saturdays, browse the Scriptures on Saturdays, put on Blue Azure on Saturdays & consecrate towards the The almighty on Saturdays. Saturnine Mantras happen to be succumbed our web page . You are able to chant his mantra, his Stotra, his Peedahara Stora & his Gayatri for max relief. Putting on Amulets or Amulets ( particularly Saturnine Amulets like Shaneeswara Yantra ) can be quite advantageous because it wards from the the malefic Saturnine sun rays. Carrying out Saturn Havan ( Shaneeswara Homa ) by 3 Brahmin students ( 3*336 Urus from the Shaneeswara Mantra before a Homa Kunda ) also imparts relief. Saturday comes from Saturn’s Day . Saturday was consecrated to Saturn. ( In the Latin Dies Saturni & the Sanskrit Shani Var ) Blue Azure is his primary gem & Blue Spinel his secondary gem.

Donate food towards the desperate on Saturdays Donate to handicapped people on Saturdays. Avoid non veg and alcohol on Saturdays Never harass menial employees If you’re doubtful, please contact mailto:?subject=TransSatRemedies

Note – The above mentioned answers are general and they must be carefully put on individual astrological readings within the light of directional influences ( Dasa ). For instance, if you will find no effective yogas within the radical chart , status wealth & fame denoted with a transit have a limited scope for expression. However, if both directional & transit influences are adverse, the durability from the native is going to be threatened. For people you will find 100 kinds of Apamrityu or temporal dying periods and something Kala Mrityu or genuine Dying period. The transitory dying period or Apamrityu could be warded off by Remedial Zodiac, by Homa & other divine remedial measures, whereas Kala Mrityu or genuine Dying can’t be warded off, states Vedic Zodiac Blood pressure measurements.

Aries & Cancer people – Take this chance of the favourable Saturnine Transit and succeed. You need to channelise your powers inside a special way. Please contact mailto:?subject=channelise to understand how.

Article by G Kumar, numerologist, author & programmer of . He’s twenty five years psychic research experience of the esoteric arts. He gives free tips at and stock exchange investment recommendations could be got at

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