Traditional crafts of Assam

Assam has maintained a wealthy tradition of numerous traditional crafts in excess of two 1000 years. Presently, Stick and bamboo craft, bell metal and brass craft, silk and cotton weaving, toy and mask making, pottery and terracotta work, wood craft, jewelry making, instruments making, etc are continued to be as major traditions. In the past, Assam also excelled for making motorboats, traditional guns and gunpowder, colours and offers, articles of lac, traditional building materials, utilities from iron, etc.

Stick and bamboo craft supply the most generally used utilities in daily existence, varying from household utilities, weaving add-ons, fishing add-ons, furniture, instruments to building construction materials. Traditional utilities and symbolic articles produced from bell metal and brass are located in each and every Assamese household. The Xorai and bota happen to be being used for hundreds of years to provide gifts to respected persons and therefore are two prominent symbolic elements. Hajo and Sarthebari / Xorthebaary are the most crucial centres of traditional bell-metal and brass crafts. Assam is the house of several kinds of silks, probably the most prominent and exclusive being Muga, natural golden silk is different simply to Assam. Aside from Muga, you will find other two types known as Pat, a creamy-vibrant-silver coloured silk and Eri, a range employed for manufacturing warm clothes for winter. Aside from Sualkuchi / Xualkuchi, the center for that traditional silk industry, in nearly every areas of the Brahmaputra Valley, rural homes produce silk and silk clothes with excellent embroidery designs. Furthermore, various ethno-cultural groups in Assam make various kinds of cotton clothes with unique embroidery designs and wonderful colour combinations.

Furthermore, Assam offers unique crafts of toy and mask making mostly concentrated within the Vaishnav Monasteries, pottery and terracotta operate in lower Assam districts and wood craft, iron craft, jewelry, etc in lots of places over the region.

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