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Using the arrival of Tiger Ruixiang years, cloth tiger, paper cutting, mix-stitching along with other traditional folk crafts by Tiger theme fresh with start up business possibilities.

Cloth pinned beautiful gift appropriate for Tigerger

Based on legend, within the Neolithic Age, the tiger continues to be circulated as evil spirits, totems along with other images made an appearance in pottery, stone, etc., then when time from the creation of Tiger, cloth tiger along with other traditional folk crafts, popular childrens favourite recently stick out the very first time , cell phone ornaments, nap pillow, small-toy … … cloth tiger ornaments available on the market this season will unquestionably become typically the most popular items.

Reporter, Jusco, Yi-hua Le grocery stores, etc. see, and traditional cloth tiger growl stare the look differs from the 2010 cloth tiger’s image grew to become more amiable. At a negative balance yellow exterior, cloth tiger’s length continues to be reduced considerably more prone to eyes cartoon style design, as the sharp eye teeth into pearls all shapes, matched up with a set of mushroom-like round ears, cloth tiger seems both Huwei, but additionally lovely and lively.

Pedal rotation counter sales of items puppet Miss stated: “The fabric tiger within the Chinese Year gift and thus very appropriate for babies.” She stated that so many people are likely to Tiger Tian-ding, which means this year’s colors and tiger-related dolls, small Home Pillow happen to be well accepted, and many people from the public to purchase several, both restricted to using home decoration, but in addition for festive gift-giving.

Mix-stitch embroidery hands the festive atmosphere of

In 2012 approaching, Mix-stitch it shares the wind Yuegua Yue Sheng traditional crafts. Within the pedestrian street nearby, and lots of shops is a substantial Mix-stitch Mix stitch Year from the Tiger and works of art and paper-cuts, etc. around the window or even the interior of the very most eye-catching from the Department, the folks joined the shop felt the strong atmosphere of Chinese Year.

Walking in the pub a Mix-stitch shop owner told reporters, as soon as 2 or 3 several weeks ago, and also the Mix stitch tiger-related sales to achieve the height. This reporter saw lots of Mix-stitch Year from the Tiger Wall Picture would be the traditional Year works of art made based on design, material scattered through a number of line-cutting and works of art of tigers and landscapes, both on the lively three-dimensional look.

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