Totally reset the BIOS on the Dell Latitude 2120 Laptop

Your Dell Latitude 2120 laptop necessitates the BIOS (Fundamental Input/Output System) to load its operating-system and tell the system board how specific components should operate. Altering certain BIOS options might cause issues for example operating-system crashes or slow performance. Should you modified a BIOS setting and wish to undo the modification, it takes only a couple of minutes to totally reset all the Latitude ‘s BIOS choices to their original factory configurations.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You Will Need Exterior hard drive

1. Save the files you will need out of your Dell Latitude 2120 laptop() for an exterior hard drive just in case you will find any problems when you change BIOS configurations. Eject any dvds presently within the optical drive and unplug any peripheral USB products in the Latitude.

2. Pluy the in to the laptop, Open the “Start” menu and choose the “Restart” option. Wait for a Dell logo design splash screen to look and tap “F2.”

3. Press the Latitude’s right arrow answer to visit the “Exit” heading. Scroll lower before you achieve the “Load Factory Defaults” menu option and tap “Enter.”

4. Choose “Enter” again to verify you need to totally reset the BIOS options. Highlight recption menus option labeled “Save Changes and Exit” and tap “Enter.”

5. Press “Enter” again to verify the option and restart the Dell Latitude 2120 laptop().

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