Top Ten strategies for purchasing wine en primeur

We felt time it was ripe to pen articles about en primeur. This subject appears to result in much confusion and it is a frequent supply of conversation at our corporate wine tasting occasions.

In the easiest form, purchasing en primeur means you’re buying wine prior to it being canned but after it’s made. Producers favour en primeur for several reasons, but possibly probably the most reported is the fact that it’s helpful for cash flow (i.e. they obtain money earlier). ).

Although Bordeaux is possibly most widely known because of its en primeur offers, it’s in no way only at el born area. Burgundy and also the Rhne are simply two other good examples of regions by having an established en primeur history.

What exactly in the event you consider when purchasing wine in by doing this?

1.Who’re YOU Purchasing FROM?

You have to keep in mind that it’ll be 24 months before you decide to really get the wine. This causes it to be particularly significant to purchase from a recognised, financially secure merchant. If in almost any doubt complete background inspections with Companies House. What guarantees have you got when the merchant goes bust and it is insurance incorporated?

2.Have You Got A GOOD Buying and selling RECORD?

Similar to producers give preference to retailers with lengthy standing buying and selling records, retailers do likewise using their own clients. If you purchase your day-to-day wines out of your local wine merchant for example, it may pay to change your allegiance to the organization you’ve specific for the en primeur buying.

3.WHAT TIER Are You Currently IN?

Tied in to the above, most abundant in desired wines retailers may tier clients by priority. Detective work here helps – discover if this type of practise is available for your own personel preferred supplier, and just how you are able to progress the pyramid if that’s the case.

4.Could It Be The Very Best Cost?

The idea (obviously) would be that the earlier you purchase, the greater the cost – the truly amazing draw for that system in general. This really is in no way always the situation – 1997 was an illustration of this a Bordeaux en primeur campaign which was initially listed excessive.

Also consider if the cost you’re on offer is easily the most competitive. Make a price comparison with a minimum of two other trustworthy retailers.

5.Keep In Mind THE Restrictions From The EXPERTS

Many purchasers base their buying behavior around the scores and tasting notes of well-known experts. It ought to be noted these experts generally taste en primeur wine in the embryonic condition (typically when it is only experienced cask for six several weeks). Furthermore these experts are tasting what is known as estimated blends (the wine-makers give sign of the items the ultimate blend might be like, however this is in no way a certainty). What this means is such scores and tasting notes ought to be given some caution.


Although you must do your research, you have to also be ready to move in the right moment. If you’re indecisive you are able to miss the boat.

7.WINE Possession

Will the merchant own your wine he’s offering to market, or does he aspire to purchase it after winning the transaction?


What documents are you given showing your possession from the wines? Are you going to get an invoice and claims?

9. Every Other COSTS?

When it is now time to get your wine, do you know the delivery charges? It is possible to charge for storage (if you don’t desire to ensure that it stays in your own home)?


Many clients decide to go for storage. Consider the storage conditions provided by your en primeur retailers. Are their warehouses temperature and humidity controlled? How lengthy has got the warehouse been employed for? Where’s the warehouse situated?

En primeur isn’t suitable for everybody, but individuals by having an active curiosity about wine trading will almost always consider it as a choice. Your Wine and Spirit Trade Association website is another helpful source for individuals thinking about this route:

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