TMHE Uncovers the BT Reflex O-series Achieve Trucks

The brand new BT Reflex O-series RRE160R model from Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) continues to be designed for indoor and outside use, supplying maximum handling versatility while concurrently reducing costs.

Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) is definitely the new O-series achieve truck for greater versatility and performance. Using the Transitional Lift Control (TLC) system for efficient and secure operation at levels, the -Totalview’ driver cab, 360 steering and AC motors, the 550d shares many characteristics using the existing R-series achieve trucks. It includes high end, sturdiness and drivability, all while growing safety and reducing materials handling costs for clients. While conventional achieve trucks are made for smooth and level flooring, the O-series’ traditional wheel and gearbox configuration continues to be modified to permit effective focus on outside surfaces too. Because of its 145 mm ground clearance and it is large super-elastic tyres that secure grip on wet or high-temperature asphalt, the BT Reflex O-series can certainly deal with rugged, loose surfaces. Its high end in various conditions causes it to be a dependable partner in a multitude of industries and programs.

A variety of all-weather protection options can also be found with this particular model. Including a completely enclosed cab with large obvious-screen home windows for enhanced visibility, door, heater and fan facilities to permit indoor/outside procedures. Effective working lights result in the truck completely functional even just in more dark conditions.

-We’re constantly searching for methods to improve our items and services and drive lower our customers’ expense in materials handling. Our goal would be to offer them the satisfaction they have to concentrate on their business. The BT Reflex O-series supplies a flexible solution because of that they can load, unload and store goods, both inside and outdoors,- describes Niclas Sternerup, Director of Product Management, Toyota Material Handling Europe. The brand new model is constantly on the offer top-level handling performance when being employed as a conventional achieve truck within the racking systems. The BT Reflex O-series RRE160R can be obtained having a 1600kg capacity and lift levels as much as 7.5 metres.

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