Tm to spread out an immediate subsidies to economical red-colored scarf

TM to Finish start “Recycling?? Old TV, old refrigerator, washer, computer, hot water heater … …” Every single day mission in Qingdao Magnetic Island, close to the mountain community, there’ll always hear a yelled a voice inviting lengthy cavity, they are involved in every corner from the thrift Qingdao recovery people, however their business has lately began showing a dismal trend, a four-year recovery within the line told reporters: “Government

Home Home appliances TM to policy, Jiu Jiadian can customize the one, not to mention, keep your exchange. ”

9 9, Qingdao Economic and Trade Commission and also the Municipal Finance Bureau collectively held appliance TM to pilot the town meeting, formally released a “home appliance TM to handle experimental focus on the implementation of opinions” on Qingdao Appliance TM to pilot designed a deployment in uproar after two days, Qingdao City, home home appliances TM towards the pilot finally opened up a “red-colored scarf.”

Your comments ought to released within the implementation of subsidized items are split into five groups: television,

Refrigerator (Including freezers), automatic washers, air conditioning units, computer systems. In addition have a certain quantity of subsidies, based on five groups of recent home appliances

Sell 10% from the cost subsidies, but subsidies for no more than: TV 400 yuan / sets, fridges (including freezers) 300 yuan / sets, automatic washers and 250 yuan / sets, air-conditioning 350 yuan / sets, computer 400 yuan / Taiwan. Meanwhile, the purchase Jiujia Dian and offered towards the company’s effective taking apart designated appliance recycling business in compliance with condition rules for freight subsidy.

Relevant part of charge City Economic and Trade Commission, also stated the pilot of the appliance TM to operate will strictly stick to the “procedure is straightforward, convenient consumption, direct subsidies, security, efficiency,

Energy Environment protection “principle, standard work processes, to increase the benefit of those, helpful advice and timely

Plan To ensure timely subsidies compensated entirely and provide full play to “12312” complaint service center functions, customers and companies received queries and complaints, and along with industry and commerce, quality and technical supervision departments to bolster market supervision and crack lower on counterfeiting along with other illegal activities .

Trustworthy companies have standard prices Look at the amount of pilot metropolitan areas from the early “were recognized in” situation, professionals had recommended, to create “TM” play a genuine effect, steer clear of the “thunder, little rain,” the embarrassing situation, it’s obvious Jiu Jiadian how prices, recycling companies how you can see whether certain subsidies towards the taking apart companies along with other issues.

And implementation particulars of Qingdao towards the taking apart business in addressing the problem of subsidies, the very first selected appliance recycling business, sales businesses possess the provincial Department of Finance, Provincial Committee by invitation through the superscript around the letter selected, which: Qingdao Aucma Co., Ltd., Qingdao Zevi

Electronic Information Services, Ltd. along with other nine companies in Qingdao City, 210 shops for that TM towards the first appliance network appliance recycling Qingdao Haier Electronics Co., Ltd., Qingdao

Hisense Marketing Co., Ltd., of 10 businesses, 197 network appliance for that TM to Qingdao, the very first appliance sales shops. To mid-September, Economic and Trade Commission works using the Finance Board to spread out tender selected city vacation home appliance recycling business, marketing business, and therefore form a far more complete recovery, sales, service and payment systems.

Haier, Hisense, Qingdao Aucma are old company, its credibility and status within the eyes from the public high Qingdao, who lives when it comes to Xu Wenming Taihsi told reporters: “TM is paramount don’t talk about the credibility of businesses, happen to be scared of the pit, before some shopping malls will also be involved in such activities, but is income generating, and again to market Erdaofanzi, absolutely nothing to help the people. ”

Around the problem of prices of attention, in compliance using the appliance “TM” process, the general public should first be posted online or telephone booking, recycling companies will appoint a devoted recycling staff appointments with identify and recognition that old machine of cash and payment vouchers, that might be enough to make sure citizens depreciation based on certain standards.

Time enterprise subsidies again

9 12, into community activities, home home appliances TM to 11 towns in Qingdao simultaneously start, Haier effective recycling companies will redeem time from 4.five days to 1 day, the folks in the gates of redemption could be completed.

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