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Thymoquinone IUPAC title 2-isopropyl-5-methylbenzo-1,4-quinone other names Thymoquinone Identifiers CAS number 490-91-5 PubChem 10281 SMILES CC1=CC(=O)C(=CC1=O)C(C)C Qualities Molecular formula C10H12O2 Molar mass 164.2 g mol1 Except where noted otherwise, data receive for materials within their standard condition (at 25C, 100kPa) Infobox references Thymoquinone is really a phytochemical compound based in the plant Nigella sativa. It’s antioxidant effects and it has been proven to safeguard against heart, liver and kidney damage in animal studies, in addition to getting possible anti-cancer effects. Additionally, it has analgesic and anticonvulsant effects in animal models. It’s an angiogenesis inhibitor. References ^ Houghton PJ, Zarka R, p las Heras B, Hoult Junior. Fixed oil of Nigella sativa and derived thymoquinone hinder eicosanoid generation in leukocytes and membrane fat peroxidation. Planta Medica. 1995 Feb61(1):33-6. PMID 7700988 ^ Badary OA, Nagi MN, al-Shabanah OA, al-Sawaf ‘, al-Sohaibani MO, al-Bekairi AM. Thymoquinone ameliorates the nephrotoxicity caused by cisplatin in rats and potentiates its antitumor activity. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. 1997 Dec75(12):1356-61. PMID 9534946 ^ al-Shabanah OA, Badary OA, Nagi MN, al-Gharably NM, al-Rikabi AC, al-Bekairi AM. Thymoquinone safeguards against doxorubicin-caused cardiotoxicity without compromising its antitumor activity. Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research. 1998 Jun17(2):193-8. PMID 9700580 ^ Badary OA, Al-Shabanah OA, Nagi MN, Al-Rikabi AC, Elmazar MM. Inhibition of benzo(a)pyrene-caused forestomach carcinogenesis in rodents by thymoquinone. European Journal of Cancer Prevention. 1999 Oct8(5):435-40. PMID 10548399 ^ Ali BH, Blunden G. Medicinal and toxicological qualities of Nigella sativa. Phytotherapy Research. 2003 Apr17(4):299-305. PMID 12722128 ^ Gali-Muhtasib H, Roessner A, Schneider-Stock R. Thymoquinone: an encouraging anti-cancer drug from natural sources. Worldwide Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. 200638(8):1249-53. PMID 16314136 ^ Al-Majed AA, Al-Omar FA, Nagi MN. Neuroprotective results of thymoquinone against transient forebrain ischemia within the rat hippocampus. European Journal of Pharmacology. 2006 August 14543(1-3):40-7. PMID 16828080 ^ Abdel-Fattah AM, Matsumoto K, Watanabe H. Antinociceptive results of Nigella sativa oil and it is major component, thymoquinone, in rodents. European Journal of Pharmacology. 2000 Jul 14400(1):89-97. PMID 10913589 ^ Hosseinzadeh H, Parvardeh S. Anticonvulsant results of thymoquinone, the main constituent of Nigella sativa seed products, in rodents. Phytomedicine. 2004 Jan11(1):56-64. PMID 14971722 This pharmacology-related article is really a stub. You are able to help Wikipedia by growing it. vde Groups: Pharmacology stubs

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