thought this number of medical officer

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThen ,again .This time around ,much more eight they met several self-styled Cang Wu mountaineer .

They’re stated to become Emperor Shun South to follow along with .And also the middle peak three around the stone origin possess a legend .Which were towards the top of the mountain … … In eight expressed extremely pleased ,which were also have a picnic fanatics .

.. … The have a picnic would be a wine bottle to spread out at the very top, wind blows, it bursts with the earth to paradise ,a go by the ROC greediness ,dark wine but a flutter ,claws ,colored a seem ,will peak stone getting three points .

Begin to see the wine were conned, die of the damaged heart .In eight giant Khan ,a wine bottle only, need you ?Even if you are sad ,not sad river ,reverse thrust meridians ,died … … Visit a couple of mountain ,a mountain around the legend of the very most reliable .

However they still attempt to peak .In eight installed all of the mountain switched again, still didn’t walk towards the primary peak, also didn’t see before seen various descendants .Here the mountain ,also not observed in other neighbors .

They likewise have peak, they’re stated to become in the forefathers ,attempted to check out the height ,midway in the mountain ,may be the desolate atmosphere infection ,is devastated … … This legend ,exactly the same isn’t reliable .

more reliable people, can pass so reliable legend ? Everybody sighs, next ,after which in to the .This time around ,they met several women .Beautiful ,sad ,pathetic ,delicate and touching .

We’re your ideas of princess .We’re the tears from the elves of bamboo . Beautiful women such out of the box introducing yourself .The little village isn’t a guy ,only several beautiful lady .

The hillsides of tears bamboo ,also called mottled bamboo .Which were visited Cangwu ,died about this, were two concubines ,to locate here ,see hill is comparable, can’t find any real funeral place ,very sad ,tears enter into the mountain ,that bit of tears bamboo .

.. … Within this section ,with eight knowledge of the data in the nearest ,most dependable .Next ,the legend starts being reliable :bamboo shoots annually lengthy .In the bamboo develops ,it’s the small bamboo ,may also be just a little toy, since the mottled bamboo is 2 imperial concubine of Emperor Shun ,so these small toy ,is really a girl .

The lady who was raised ,may be the village this number of pathos pathetic beauty .They all are in the mountain bamboo grove which outgrow the .No reliable tradition, however with the village is filled with women not reliable details ,eight are only able to feel than his illusion ,is a game title designer metamorphosis .

Butthe eight didn’t expect ,this isn’t the finish .Beauty then stated ,simply because they haven’t seen since ancient occasions ,guy ,just within the legend that ,males are in a lady ,using their different .

Consequently ,ladies are refined and respectful request, please eight promising small to satisfy their curiosity .Allow them to take a look really legend could it be right? .In eight the violence sweat .Travelled fled the metamorphosis .

Next ,once again .This time around ,they’ve stated descent or his descendants of Yu Yu group .Their legend is stated ,nine Yishan ,nine youthful employees ,harm the planet people .Article nine the dragon ,a nine Duron, this part, eight think ,plate using the king stated ,much the same .

Article nine the Dragon Emperor Shun heard things ,towards the dragon .Wiped out on sides from the eight dragon .In the center of the direction to the greatest ,were wiped out through the dragon .Within this part ,using the king or similar .

Later ,Da Yu heard about the problem ,found avenge Emperor Shun ,a lengthy struggle ,would be the most effective dragon .Lizard venom is simply too bad ,my pleasure being gally ,Dayu helpless, however they digged a pit ,the dragon was hidden, and also the nine mountain tops ,the dragon bloodstream and bones town in the feet from the mountain .

The descendants of Da Yu ,is strengthening seal ,ensure venom flow disaster .Additionally they don visit middle peak, since the middle peak toxicity brilliant ,to some dead ,then not to .

In eight braved the chance of poisoning ,courageously towards the peak climbing ,or otherwise .The hill ,also didn’t begin to see the other mountaineers descent .On the other hand ,and this time around ,they find awesome legend .

Elixir .Shun king here ,would be to collect the growing old elixir ,refining .Here the mountain people ,everybody is a good medicine, since they’re for just about any medicine medical officer descendants .

However the medicine hasn tempered any .The medical officer who unsuccessful the mission ,afraid to return to the eternal ,he’s lived here .They never visit the middle peak .Since they’re refining elixir wasn’t completed ,embarrassed to use whatever grown ups .

Once the eight almost didn’t remember the reason here ,thought this number of medical officer towards the qiongzhou .Joan City medical hall is going to be fortunate !Joan in injuries and illnesses is going to be fortunate !Regrettably, this isn’t a brief period of time .

With no establishment of trust between one another ,aside from a couple of bloodstream feather small youth ,that old medical officer isn’t a bird .Go ahead and take kid may have a straightforward, but how medicine, youthful might be similar to that old medical officer ?Just a little neglect may breed great mischief.

In eight muttering incantations ,from the space .After which in to the .Met Gao descent .Their legend ,equally awesome .Stated Da Yu and for the usurper Emperor Shun ,forced abdication ,finally the Emperor Shun banned here .

Gao family ,is any hardcore ,was what Da Yu ,privately exiled to here .Following the exile ,and also the entire nine Yishan closed, don allow them to venture out .They resided here .Why not go near the center peak ?Answer: the central peak is really a pine trees ,may be the ancestor body guard of Emperor Shun Tao ,dying won’t ever die, and because the embodiment of East Pine ,ancestor strictly ,forbid anybody to peak .

So that they never visit the peak .In eight privately wish to peak, or with front, visible or touched .On the other hand .This time around ,they met several good character .Profess Li seed ,strength is usually high .

Simultaneously happen to be more awesome news .Their ancestor of Lebanon ,and the other God ,by God lives ,the huge world .Heavy was purchased to protect the doorway to paradise ,Li was hired by God border gateway .

Cangwu can also be the traditional world via a ,so Li also created a garrison here .Eventually ,a guy declaring to become Emperor Shun ,want came from here to paradise .By Li seed execution law of law ,wiped out .

This legend was completely shocked when eight .Just before the eight stories ,no matter which ,for just about any maintained respect ,admiration, love and good feelings .Only that one, the Emperor Shun being an regular mortal ,to God ,but by their police force team ,wiped out .

Bunker !When eight then request them why they didn visit middle peak .The kids checked out his face ,was poorly . Don to ignore God decrees ,trying useless to God ? When eight know this, Yi nine intermediate peak, it’s Li after African guard place — with the ancient world .

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