this factor known as germanium silver very

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChapter five six five very valuable very ( 29 of just one ) Lao li .

.. … This factor where have you have that ,let me know rapidly in old guy required three mind skirt of trembling him ,face excited not refuse. three heads are staggered him straight compact eyebrow , a classic ,what’s happening here ,so excited ? He stated ,pointing to fly , that they used ,have almost anything to request ,you discover him .

.. … And also the surname is Ann guy hastened to change targets ,to urgently requested Mu Fei , this factor in which you have it? This really is my mission, in naini tal jungle inside a cave to get .

.. … Mu Fei clarified ,requested, that ,I request you something … … Helpful ? A classic she gave Mu Fei a glance, not just is helpful? It is crucial . Subsequently, a classic introduced , this factor known as germanium silver very ,six corners ,is definitely an alien metal ,the metal for that seem ,and radio is extremely responsive to it in sonar and radar ,and radio transmission ,these areas ,you will find many other materials can’t switch the role of let them know ,you aren’t understanding ,is ?I Quickly for instance .

.. … Make use of this made sonar system ,a minimum of a lot more than traditional materials created through the recognition distance of 1 occasions superabundant why military submarine in naval fight carry the planet before one ?His energy product is advanced ,but however happens because their sonar system ,by using this stuff ,to allow them to feed the enemy towards the initially ,earlier discovery fighter ,or flee or fight ,to accept best mode of action .

.. … A classic saying ,strenuous up at the disposal of the very , which is so excellent with very ,allow the 2 submarines ,has got the world advanced sonar device … … The .

.. … Then i request, it’s precious ? Mu Fei requested what’s precious? Precious is sufficient to describe it ,it’s very valuable … … A classic sad excited responded , due to this metal ,earth no ,only get map size ,delays to contain it meteorite fall even us ,nor a couple of bits of this type of large very .

.. … Should you put these items in to the underground community auction … … I believed to become a minimum of thirty million yuan from … … Damn it. So costly ah Mu fly without having to be startled ,then considered ,or getting this factor led ,that lots of things .

.. … Are you currently excited ? Mu Fei requested what ?You will find many ? A classic also was frightened jump, but he’s really leaped saw him shaking voice mentioned, lots of … … Just how much? Mu Fei looked up and estimation from the , a minimum of .

.. … You will find a couple of ? A couple of … … A couple of blocks ? After hearing a classic ,excited almost didn faint … … Too good to be real … … Whether it really could possibly be the germanium silver very hands ,our country submarine combat capacity ,a minimum of can improve over fifty percent ,if meets the military ,nor defenseless .

.. … Then, he required his flying wrist , now I’ll contact the plane ,you include me ,we’re now likely to naini tal jungle … … Clearly, this can be a scientific research ,a classic ,hearing what of Mu Fei, extending its love to naini tal jungle and Mu Feicai return after that ,heard which will return ,he shook his mind , that ,no way, I say to you .

.. … You introduced individuals to … … Mu Fei lent three heads from the computer ,from naini tal forest map ,give a classic describes a variety of a good old Xie no saying ,without demur directly go out this old ann .

.. … Really ,what studies ,like mad … … Three heads are watching a classic hurried to depart figure ,shook his mind and stated next ,he checked out his interest to fly , he requested ,fly ,it’s a couple of blocks hundreds of millions, but greater than a dozen or perhaps vast amounts of ah ,which means you share with the nation ?You don love ? Test me? Guy cannot be Mu Fei thought ,not work hard at it .

We ,responded, the cash is nice ,but adequate … … So harmful things not assigned towards the States, will also be offered to foreign ,they provided weapons to battle we not ? I mu fly love money ,however the individual and also the condition, Sook Sook lightweight I tell the .

.. … ‘ ‘ ,good boy ,well written ,didn’t allow me to lower … … Three heads patted Mu fly shoulder ,smiled , however ,I only provide you with write the purpose ,along with a little later I gotta provide you with fill a piece .

.. … No way … … Mu Fei was signed ,interrupt three heads from the words , you don remember exactly what the large success ,as lengthy while you don pressure me to become listed on the military really wants to title ,don push me around the battleground, I thank one .

.. … Oh ?… … ‘ ‘ ‘ .Pay attention to what of Mu Fei ,three chief Yangkou laugh , ,I promise you ,in your soul before I finished the College ,I won’t talk about the problem .

.. … But once you graduate … … Can’t say … … ‘-‘. Around the mid-day of the identical day ,he travelled with Li Xiaoyu and flight to Binnan but until after departing, he Feicai request Li Xiaoyu realize that three heads from the true identity from the three heads ,was china * * Department from the pm.

Military v . p . — Li Guoxun ,this individual usually only see smell broadcast ,can hear the title ah Mu Fei thought just myself and condition leaders located on a table ,he ate one Jing indeed this trip actually work time isn’t lengthy ,and all sorts of delay on the highway ,he travelled with Li Xiao feather and lower the plane has five within the mid-day I must leave .

.. … In route home, while Li Xiaoyu is driving a vehicle, he stated to Mu Fei ? Pay attention to what of Li Xiaoyu ,he travelled a small edge ,he understood ,Li Xiaoyu left ,character would be to aim to solve the curse on him for departing so soon ? Mu Fei requested.

Not soon ,I return to ,one for positioning Xiaofan ,two take a look you ,sister snow ,David were built with a bad or good both of these everything has been finished ,I would solve their very own problems .

.. … go ?Need I am going along with you ? Mu Fei requested. Number.. … Li Xiaoyu is driving a vehicle, doesn’t go back to authentic , when I’m not here, I have a look at some Xiaofan is going to do if something can ,you are able to contact the phantom pupil and rose .

.. … Call Mu fly be aware of character of Li Xiaoyu ,he stated to not ,he mustn’t have to say is useless ,he is able to only sigh a sigh of relief . well ,I understand … … Mu Fei stated goodbye to Li Xiaoyu ,home ,it had been late within the mid-day home one large one small two beauty ,large have been their eat ,small though not adult ,but can also be condemned her now he travelled open ,contain the hug that ,in 2 beauty on female body consequently mooch advantage ,existence is happiness a peaceful evening past ,in the morning early each morning, he travelled by Zhou Haibin opened up the telephone ,want him to consider her to his industry take a look however the phone with the words of Zhou Haibin ,but allow him to possess a bad feeling in charge ?Thank one ,you may be back .

.. … Hear the telephone he travelled voice ,Zhou Haibin was relieved responded well ?What matter ?So why do you state that .Mu Fei hesitated, requested disarray ,now I collect you ,and also to meet .

.. … Zhou Haibin finished , belief ,Zhou Haibin received his fly ,transporting him towards the borders of Binnan direction ,simultaneously ,and that he introduced time happening and Mu Fei took in to his words ,face increasingly more heavy initially ,he understood his time away, their industry ,pretty much will come across some trouble ,but he didn’t think the issue ,they encounter the problem had a lot of problems ,so large not just their very own Circus bath center be closed, steelmaking area was blocked ,even by him like a booster of North Hing Gang, all were almost destroy as Li Donggang and child nine ,is nearly never been violent dying their market is hit ,a buddy of distress, he travelled towards the strange and Mu Fei is angry simultaneously ,also ‘t be anger ya mind ,however in a dispassionate considered all of this it had been dim ,his brain gradually becomes obvious Zhou Haibin ,to be the vehicle extremely fast, with Mu fly informs what went down throughout this time around ,has drawn from Binnan ,but due to time, he could simply be told concerning the last factor ,Che Zaibin South Around the borders of the small hotel stopped, stop ,Hong Sufen includes a complex waiting there, her face is searching toward ,pleasure ,is also difficult and fretting about three ,e .

.. … You ,you ultimately return … … Hong Sufen see Mu disappear ,hurried to satisfy her ,although she smiled ,but moved with tears in the eyes he looked again his fly the lady manager ,she’d a fragile whitened ,as though to pinch water tender face ,now has turned into a wax yellow ,lose its luster ,large eyes as before God, the spirit isn’t good ,the apparent is really a gaunt obviously ,she this time around there’s no worry less labor sorry ,brother ,I didn’t take good proper care of your industry .

.. … Yes, I’m. Hong Sufen attempted to apologize ,he travelled using the pointer finger ,shut her mouth hush apology ,obviously ,I don … … Mu Fei hug her within the bosom, lightly patted her soft dorsal , I understand ,you need to ,that ,isn I’ll all his business .

.. … Jiqianwanjiqianwan well from it … … Not just did he blame me ,so believe me ?… … And pay attention to Mu Fei so believe me, Hong Sufen first hesitated, then possess the urge to weep so developed ,still cry .

.. … Mu Fei release after Hong Sufen ,and arrived at on her hard having a light ,her tears remove , not depressed ,money could be gained ,business ,conned ,we are able to return as lengthy as you will find people ,what are a few of .

.. … Mu Fei stated, mentioning to some house direction, go ,we use … … Hong Sufen thought ,he travelled to blame her mess ,is he going to be not easily won the 2 industry was lost ,even she’s tried it ,or perhaps beaten preparation but Mu Fei returned ,not just didn’t blame her ,also unlike comfort her, for example ,just how can let Hong Sufen ‘t be moved? Therefore ,pay attention to Mu Fei within the chest ,felt as though with a warm things fill ,it is filled with moved in moving simultaneously ,Hong Sufen rise from a concept ,that’s so great about her ,he’ll pay back him whenever he must ,he ended up being help him take proper care of business ,until he doesn’t ,or don’t progress as well as in a trance when she needs to venture out ,a distance he requested Mu Fei , Mo ?Meaning what ?Walk .

.. … Well … … Hong Sufen used a grateful smile ,her lips sweet ought to be a sentence subsequently thrown open two black silk US leg ,rapidly adopted , third brother, watch for me .

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