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Look for pay per click or [adwords help] today on the internet and also the AdWords help center is nowhere found. Look for the URL itself, also it does not seem to be within the index.

Pay Per Click Help Banner

What are you doing?

The Polish blog Magiczne Search engine optimization i Search engine marketing observed yesterday the snippet for that Pay Per Click help page within the search engine results appeared just a little unusual. (Read the British version via Google Translate.) Searching closer, the cache did not appear to complement the page the customer sees. We at Internet Search Engine Land then required a glance and located that being able to access the page using the Googlebot user agent raised substantially different content, particularly sections with titles marked as -hidden-.

Pay Per Click Help Cloaking

We requested Google relating to this, along with a representative told us:

-I’m able to make sure some Google support. This error has since been fixed. We’ll investigate how this happened and make certain that people take appropriate action.-

Also it appears they’ve.

Bing is the first one to explain that individuals focusing on Google items haven’t any special understanding of search simply because they work on a business whose primary method is a internet search engine. The current Search engine optimization report card they released on the internet items demonstrates this well. And Google items have been discovered to become breaking the website owner recommendations before (and also have had action taken against them).

Actually, google’s support pages were banned in 2005 for cloaking. (Within this situation, it had been because of a misconfiguration from the Search Appliance, which may be the issue again.) At the begining of 2009, Google Japan was discovered to be purchasing links for PageRank, and action was drawn in this situation too.

Within this situation, Google’s action was quick. They responded the moment these were notified into it. So what can we study from this? Do not show search engines like google different content than you show customers, even when you’ve good technical reasons for this. Make sure that your internal infrastructure (like the Search Appliance) is not misconfigured for everyone different happy to search engines like google. And do not always turn to Google items because the shining good examples of how to proceed for Search engine optimization. Simply because individuals teams work on Google, does not mean they are search experts.

Postscript by Craig Schwartz: It appears such as this goes well beyond only the AdWords Help area, it appears like this is the way Google’s help sections work place wide.

Google’s Website owner Help area’s cache does not complement with things i see around the non cache version nor does Gmail’s help forum and many more.

Postscript 2: See our follow-up piece, Why Google Should Prohibit Its Very Own Help Pages – But Additionally Should not.

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