they merely felt horrified

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultSu Yunjie looked all performance later ,nodded her head with satisfaction ,face look better ,attempt to smile ,and stated: ,sense shy ,today, please come here, mainly just a little things and that we discuss .

Both of these days ,In my opinion everybody is familiar with something ,let an individual very distressed that !Many of us are susceptible to the party leading cadres training years ,who isn’t prepared to begin to see the results ,however it out ,it has to solve ,today, please arrived at discuss ,work and pull together ,is ,here we should how you can do .

Here about this problem happen to be very temporary standing committee ,Su Yunjie went right to the theme of go ,everybody immediately decreased his mind, who isn’t prepared to ,at this time around to state more, in the end, isn’t obvious ,also don’t realize people ,not to mention there’d be no bird .

Su Yunjie sees ,ongoing: it had been compiled by the Commission for Discipline Inspection frequently introduce to everyone ,but he’d something ,to obliterate condition meet, therefore the arrangement of Comrade Hong Fei to create a report .

Hu secretary ,comrade Hong Fei . This last sentence ,apparently at his secretary Hu Changhai stated .Hu Changhai walked out for any minute, and deputy ,Hong Fei of censorial bureau director behind him arrived .

As he joined ,first say ,as well as gentlemen, good mid-day ,then towards the bottom just added the chair sit lower .Chinese officialdom is strange ,frequently leave no loyal towards the participants ,there clearly there’s a chair was empty ,but with the help of a chair to Hong Fei sitting .

This really is clearly make a pointless move ,but nobody thinks this ,what’s wrong ,since the chair has Chang Weiguo, Hong Fei natural to not sit .At this juncture, the chair grew to become an emblem ,representing the Municipal Standing Committee ,commission for Discipline Inspection record .

Hong Fei settled immediately ,the 2 day they found within the analysis of a few of the things ,to provide the committee did an in depth briefing .First, health secretary Chen Went and also the city people hospital lengthy Hu Qiulin, now there’s enough evidence to exhibit them in Hengyang City drug introduction and purchasers process, taking numerous pharmaceutical sales company with respect to the rebate ,as well as false drug cost, raise product market purchase cost .

Heng Yang City discipline appoint to municipal Party committee and Commission for Discipline Inspection from the CPC designed a report ,have been receiving an order of a couple performed double gauge .

After hearing his words ,they merely felt horrified ,city person medicine found things ,everybody understands, although not for a short while, Chen Went and Hu Qiulin happen to be dual gauge .Zhu Yiming also feels very accident, he didn’t obtain a word ahead of time ,it seems this frequently loyal work, really execute with drive and sweep .

Comrade Hong Fei ,what’s these items ? Su Yunjie requested .Although they know this time around, he recorded as municipal Party committee requested this is inappropriate ,but he needed to request ,as this factor for him, it’s so important .

After Hong Fei listens, feel totally surprised, but he’s even the official old, immediately retrieved ,responded: keep in mind thatright here 30 minutes ago ,frequently can call to create instructions ,within my door before finding the report ,the Commission for Discipline Inspection of those had Chen Went and Hu Qiulin control, it’s been believed the Commission for Discipline Inspection from the .

Su Yunjie took in for this, feebly well a seem ,then finish up tea cups ,affectation up tea .Zhu Yiming observed he was getting a mug of tea, hands was trembling slightly ,the content ,to ensure that he was very unpredicted ,faintly created a little concerned about feeling ,quite simply ,this news he’d great effect on .

For why this type of large effect, Zhu Ming might be this room only informed people ,obviously, he doesn’t have any pride .This time around, Su yun-jieguo confusion has apparently random, or simply Hong Fei deliberately maintain his face ,saying would be to municipal Party committee and Commission for Discipline Inspection from the CPC designed a report later ,to Chen Hehu double ,he should request happens when things ,which isn’t usual for a clumsy denial leading to self-exposure !Thought Zhu Yiming to themself .

Actually, where he understood Su Yunjie in mind troubles ,being unsure of he’s for . Comrade Hong Fei ,you still say ! Pan Yadong stated .He sees Hong Fei froze inside it is stated isn’t good ,much less well ,and Su Yunjie was without obvious instructions ,so he needed to be for other people .

Su Yunjie after hearing his words ,the react, cried out : yes ,comrade Hong Fei ,you still say ,why have you stop? After Hong Fei listens ,ongoing: around the Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Gao Feng, frequently allow me to make you create a report ,pay attention to your sights .

And now, he paused, after which continued to state: this is the way the storyline goes ,to the very best of our understanding, Gao Feng frequently leaked police plan of action ,his explanation is careless, careless with one another ,sometimes is drunk through the other group of words ,and a while ,is one another based on his words ,to infer .

With one of these ,he no more spoke, apparently his are accountable to this is actually the finish .Hong Fei within the are convinced that two problems, attitude differs ,Chen Went and Hu Qiulin happen to be obtained ,Gao Feng also Standing Committee decision .

From what he accustomed to call you can observe finish Ni ,if this involves Chen Went and Hu Qiulin, he’s the 2 person ,however when it involves our prime existence ,takes comrade .This really is clearly a in officialdom submerged years of age fox .

Zhu Yiming took in towards the words of Hong Fei ,keen to uncover an issue ,it appears that the high front and drug prices unnaturally high .Nothing, or Hong Fei couldn’t report .This allows an individual feel strange, don say his brother-in-law Song Huacheng involved, only their own behavior ?Zhu Yiming always thought unlikely ,except obviously that might be outdoors ,the only real explanation continues to be no direct evidence to prove he’s also it relationship ,it appears that his brother-in-law would be a little mind ,be aware of brother-in-law worth focusing on , so by this time around ,for he was transporting .

Following the Hong Fei report ,Su Yunjie stated : we will discuss the issue of specific Comrade Gao Feng ,comrade Hong Fei you from me ,and also have the results, you return . Hong Fei took in for this, rose to some leadership to determine ,after which to visit him .

Venture out, he visited achieve to the best side from the pocket ,within the cell phone has vibration several occasions ,as was reported ,not easy to answer ,only permitting him to vibration ,now again has got the reaction .

Out look, is Chang Weiguo ,rapidly press the solution secrets ,required a couple of step aside ,to reply to the phone .Hong Fei is out later ,the meeting room inside a very long time of silence, everybody know this in advance may be the confidant of Su Yunjie, but Li Liang deep hate ,farmville can hardly be prevented .

The individuals are thinking about how you can completely defeat sleep issues openings .To Su Yunjie this ,appear particularly significant ,he’s lost two vehicle ,not really a loss ,consequently ,prior to he and Pan Yadong were communication .

He would three people with maintained ,it now appears impossible ,just the high front the only real child ,he’s regardless should also safeguard him ,otherwise, who’ll come after him the note back mixing .

Pan Yadong finally decided to his request, that Su Yunjie isn’t a surprise ,because his hands also offers Pan Yadong worried about, this is the time to get rid of .Su Yunjie initially believed that as lengthy because the party and government leaders together, there’s not a way others contend ,that Chang Weiguo gave him to some a simple solution ,directly place it through in person ,to ensure that he was tossed into confusion .

At this time around, he handled to discover the crux from the problem, he’ll never provide you with any chance .So far ,Su Yunjie hasn’t made obvious this frequently loyal how what’s going on, apparently not often to offend him ,how this time around, has put him to dying the entire meaning .

It always is actually too looked lower about this guy ,and thus after this time around ,certainly carefully and stated he stated ,tell him party lower tiger could be not easily stroked .Su Yunjie ,it’s obvious to any or all ,this time around within the natural need anyone to fully stand up and break the silence ,Zhu Yiming thought ought to be the propaganda minister Ceng Lin or county chair of Shao cents party mark Huang Limin ,one of these is Su Yunjie marketed ,another is Wang Jiqing who ,at this time around are extremely essential to help Su Yunjie from trouble .

You never know let people feel accident is, the very first opening is really in Lv Huaicheng County deputy .Although he’s Su Yunjie, however the levels before it ,allegedly not essential to leap out, are freak have a demon, but Zhu Yiming once really don in which the demon .

Lv Huaicheng place the cup in to the table ,whether intentional or otherwise, simply to hear the clunk ,quiet for any very long time the conference room track of a lot noise ,we first is really a God, then see stop by ,this really is anyone to talk .

Su Yunjie looked to Lv Huaicheng sweep, face to exhibit an undetected smile ,think ,want to create a hill, you need to take a look you’ve this ability ,I only in 2 words or three place you in your home ,it’s not his .

All eyes were focused privately when, Lu Huaicheng smiling ,rushed round the guy nodded her head ,after which stated : friends ,I begin with two ,the general public security bureau Comrade Gao Feng ,everyone knows ,my impression, he is incorporated in the position of deputy director general of dried years ,it appears within the bureau accounts for the safety work, comrade Li Liang is ? Li Liang after hearing his words ,and nodded her head his mind .

Lv Huaicheng first rushed to talk ,is really a natural for Su Yunjie chimed in ,Li Liang was very obvious ,but Lv Huaicheng states this can be a fact ,he is able to .Lv Huaicheng sees ,ongoing: I and most people, and Comrade Gao Feng was without much contact ,but we ought to feel, Heng Yang security situation along with a couple of years back ,could be enhanced !Obviously, I’m able to would be a one-off ,but don the word ,the train runnings rapidly ,depend on vehicle fillet completely ,therefore the peace of mind in the town this piece, comrade Gao Feng makes no small contribution .

He finished this sentence again later ,nodded her head his mind ,even pressure than ever before exceed ,as if you wish to be acknowledged as .When everybody is extremely discreet, neither the folks accept his perspective, nobody objected .

Lu with prejudice doesn’t mind ,lucrative needs would be to he should say something ,for others to simply accept ,even high front could be maintained ,he need not stress about .This Su Yunjie is really abhorrent ,early each morning, cornered him at work ,things to say he’ll visit frequently Ze city to complete another factor, requested Lv Huaicheng to look could it be right? .

Lv Huaicheng took in for this, imagine back of wind, a awesome feeling from cardiac arrest .He thinks it’s very subtle ,almost a seamless heavenly robe ,additionally to another side and the own ,nobody ought to know ,I truly don this is the way Su Yunjie got .

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