they are unable to recover C Lo Messi for that championship

Guardiola thinks the levels of competition are very intense La League months are rare. -We’ve enough to win the very first to decide his hands close and today must visit Levante. But when we didn’t win, it’ll still compete for that league finals, which is more that people want. See – For that match, Guardiola stated: -We possess a good first half, obtained the very first ball, we performed the rest of the overall game, all game performance is nice.- Although that you can do until about a minute call, but Guardiola,with still Chuyanjinshen. -Real Madrid versus. Getafe game, winning, and so i think all of us might do in order to win, I don’t allow anybody to relaxation, because we don’t win anything, but we are near to the competition championship. – Guardiola also stated that -the only real winning team just as real Madrid.- For gamers in Barcelona, Guardiola ,with seemed to be praise. Guardiola Mascherano as -an excellent club on the go- and recognized a number of welcome back Javier Mascherano -to complete anything perfectly, both on land and Zaichang next.- Success of the overall game and the teammates for any little gap between wealthy Freitas, Guardiola stated: -HSBC Tasman to experience a great game, he performed the positioning before him he has been doing is not so good.- Guardiola with praises Messi particularly well. Guardiola stated he was very obvious, -Actually, copper and C their very own league,- adding that -copper always wish to score while he has bloodstream.- However, copper didn’t score the overall game is much more amazing is the fact that Guardiola, melon Shuai stated: -Messi race for that team, he almost 4-5 as help – – he thought his win When preparing for that league and Champions League. But when the Golden Boot, he certainly won with various Compact disc, I am certainly happy. –

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