The Worst Brands for Vehicle Breakdown

A current survey by shows Land Rover, Renault and Saab are three from the worst brands for vehicle breakdown issues based on a yearly survey of used 50,000 cars.

The yearly survey completed by certainly one of Britain’s greatest warranty companies finds Japanese vehicle brands to become probably the most reliable all over again, with Honda coming top within the reliability stakes because the vehicle least prone to breakdown.

Honda is carefully then Mazda, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi towards the top from the reliability index.

Includes a breakdown index of 10.59 percent while Land Rover came bottom having a vehicle breakdown rate of 46.74 percent.

When it comes to the expense of individuals vehicle breakdown issues Skoda arrived on the scene by having an average repair bill of 215, in comparison to some whopping 709 bill for any Porsche with similar problem.

The findings highlight how costly vehicle breakdown could be and once more indicate the possibility savings good vehicle breakdown cover can provide you with, particularly if you own among the vehicle brands named towards the end from the reliability list.

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