The way forward for Box 2D with Corona SDK

There is a new free free 2-dimensional physics simulator engine around known as Box2D. To date, it’s been used together with the Corona framework to build up some amazing online expensive games like Rolando, Fantastic Contraption, Transformice, Crayon Physics Luxurious, Incredibots, Angry Wild birds, in addition to apple iphone, iPad and Android games. It had been designed in C by Erin Catto and released underneath the zlib license.

The convenience at which you’ll add physics to games using Corona SDK is amazing. Even when you haven’t labored having a physics engine before, there is a task greatly simplified because of the significantly different design approach which completely removes the majority of the coding typically needed. Using the underlying engine built around Box2D, the Corona SDK makes coding stress-free.

First launched as “Box2D Lite”, Box2D was initially produced for any demonstration engine to accompany a physics presentation provided by Erin Catto at GDC 2006. Box2D caught on quick! On September 11, 2007 it had been launched as free on Sourceforge, then 2D moved the project to Google Code for hosting on The month of january 17, 2010.

Continuous collision recognition and revamping from the API were introduced in March of 2008 when version 5. was released. It had been these major accomplishments and grand evolutions that spurred the eye from the Corona team. They recognized the large benefits of using Box2D engine like a base.

The wedding of Box2D and also the Corona SDK has created some amazing features for Collision and Physics database integration:

Collision Features:

Dynamic tree broadphase Efficient pair management Fast broadphase AABB queries Continuous collision recognition Contact callbacks: begin, finish, pre-solve, publish-solve Convex polyons and circles. Multiple shapes per body One-shot contact manifolds Collision groups and groups

Physics Features:

Contact, friction, and restitution Stable stacking having a linear-time solver Revolute, prismatic, distance, lever, gear, mouse joint, along with other joint types Joint limits, motors, and friction Continuous physics as time passes of impact solver Persistent body-joint-contact graph Island solution and sleep management Momentum decoupled position correction Fairly accurate reaction forces/impulses

With Corona, gaming features like sprite sheets, Box2D physics, Facebook Connect, and OpenFeint social gaming really are a breeze. Corona games considerably outshine applications coded in web-based technologies like Adobe Expensive, Appcelerator Titanium or GameSalad.

Physics and collision based games have greatly elevated within their recognition in the last couple of years. Our prime interest in android database integration in addition to iOS Development has provided existence to ingenious engines like the Box2D since it provides effective and efficient mobile development tools. The way forward for Box2D and Corona SDK looks vibrant.

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