The Truly Amazing Kat’s Masterpiece Shred Guitar Compact disks Stocked In Shops Today Worldwide!

The Truly Amazing KAT’S MASTERPIECE SHRED GUITAR Compact disks Stocked In Shops TODAY WORLDWIDE!

October 5, 2010, NY, NY — Available these days worldwide today in shops: The Truly Amazing Kat, The Earth’s Quickest Guitar Shredder’s Compact disks -Wagner’s War,- -Rossini’s Rape,- -Bloody Vivaldi,- -Guitar Goddess- and -Digital Mozart On Cyberspeed- Compact disc-ROM/Compact disc. These masterpiece Shred Guitar Metal Compact disks feature Classical Hits from Wagner, Bach, Paganini, Vivaldi, Rossini, Liszt, Sarasate and Bazzini shredded on guitar through the Great Kat Guitar Goddess.

The Truly Amazing Kat Compact disks can be found at major merchants an internet-based stores, for example: -Best To Buy -Amazon . -HMV Japan -Compact disc World and much more stores

The Truly Amazing Kat’s (Juilliard Grad Violin Virtuoso/-Top Ten Quickest Shreders Ever- – Guitar One Magazine) groundbreaking Shred/Classical Music Compact disks are written by MVD (Music Video Marketers) &vendor=THOMAS.

For Review Copies from the Great Kat’s Compact disks as well as for Interviews, please contact: Karen Thomas, Thomas PR 631-549-7578.

The Truly Amazing Kat Compact disks and Music Videos can also be found for download on iTunes and Amazon . &qid=1285542754&sr=1-1

-The Truly Amazing Kat, New York’s mind-banging thrash goddess, is constantly on the connect the dots between metal music and classical together with her latest, -Wagner’s War.’ Inspired through the occasions of Sept. 11, Kat renders a number of music’s most well-known, aggressive, fight-inspired pieces in shredding-speed metal plans that hiss and spit.- – Serta Aquilante, New You are able to Publish

The Truly Amazing Kat Site: iTunes: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

Photos from the Great Kat Compact disks: -Wagner’s War- -Rossini’s Rape- -Bloody Vivaldi- -Guitar Goddess- -Digital Mozart On Cyberspeed-

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