The sword di Nicole to breed smile sunshine, who’s going in order to save her alone

The sword had on November 4 shock hit, fun with information are now being launched!To be able to provide more top quality gaming experience towards the player, thesword is going to be November 11 (Friday) 16:00 opens new clothing! “Telecommunication:the awakening city” “Netcom: abyss of evil” welcome the Association of variousstrength strong entry!How to give a cool product, new individuals will also relish thethousand price of multiple gift! Strong, and lonely. Following a sword, all thingsare static. Smile di Nicole within the large sword that sunshine, cold, break themomentum, brilliant must face on the planet, always get people to feel slightlydistressed, when facing existence-threatening, you will see an individual bone shurandeath breath and breath of the, she shouldn’t hide the discharge!Her existence,shouldn’t be so quick to vanish. By Sichuan within the large networkindependent growth and development of title games large sword under, not just ingame within the subtle restore has comics large sword under within the magnificent oftown, water murmuring of small streams, well intentioned of planning were moreis to large sword under within the lady were tenderness of within cold ofappearance expression was completely, smile of di Nicole Shakespeare inanimation within the died, is within game in reborn!

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