The strong purpose of case study meter will the better to satisfy the wireless engineer’s requirement

Analyse the intersection of appearance and powerful function, perform the best, meet wireless Company, Tektronix of requirement, of engineer, to produce new type of wireless communication analysis meters, it although keep on the sugnak analysis of vector, but additionally can transport on spectrum analysis, thus has enhanced the engineers’ area of vision, and also the future generation ‘ The Two.fifth generation of and also the third generation) Design and manufacture of the wireless telecommunication equipment have offered the great condition. Start to emerge with generation x Network, the mobile equipment should be approved by final user and produced the economical benefits. So, are involved in the two.fifth generation of and also the third generation of rf (Radio wave) designed It may accord with financial budget and user’s preferred apparatus the engineer must design. Until complicated the two.fifth generation from the third generation from the intersection of component and integration get small-scale the intersection of mobile equipment and also the design challenge, need various can transport on fast precision measure, flexible testing tool giving. To be able to meet this requirement, the brand new radio communication analysis meter series 200A (series WCA200A) of Tektronix Company Appraise the function, common fault correction function and spectrum analysis purpose of the only button to create up a musical instrument. New series WCA200A have quantity function exactly the same of the type of analysis meter. For instance many domain analysis, frequency shelter touching off, memorizer catching and adjacent funnel leakage rate (ACLR) simultaneously Purpose of calculating etc., could make radio stations frequency engineer fulfill the rigorous items and give time period limit. The conventional form button these common functions don’t fit in with the present vector signal analyzer measures the function . Furthermore, the advanced analysis function and touching from the function allows developer to trap towards the random shading, and may and modulate the intra-area, can evaluate them over time domain, frequency domain without numerous measurement, thus enhance their area of vision. Additionally, WCA200A series could make the engineer evaluate the switch of WCDMA and GSM because of it is examined that WCDMA compresses the moding, and may the intersection of radio and component, system and also the intersection of network and person of development offer unique versatility, speed and precision simultaneously for involved in Communication Center News Information

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