The Sporty Puma M1 phone

The Sagem Puma M1 cell phone includes a type of its very own. You’ll either covet it or hate it. The Puma M1 has two jumping, silver puma motifs, one around the back and something evidently. The inclusion of the cell to enhance battery existence is novel and innovative, more than effective, although it’s cited in a respectable fifteen minutes of talk-time or two hrs of music playback for each hour under the sun, and that means you should theoretically have the ability to charge the telephone whilst raging tunes.Additionally, it is wearing the audio side a DJ application having a turntable that you could really scratch. The screen is principally a red-colored background whitened symbols for that operating-system. It’s a very easy to use phone because it will explain it’s either ‘happy’ or ‘hungry’ with respect to the billed condition from the battery. Additionally, it alerts you before it connects to the web by suggesting ‘I’M GONNA GO ONLINE’.

The Puma M1 looks elegant enough though, it had been outfitted with 2.8-inch touch screen and weighing around 115g and measures 102mm x 56mm x 13mm. The touchscreen includes a resolution of 240 320 pixels with QVGA device. Behind is really a 3.2 megapixel camera comes with an Brought expensive and 6X zoom. This compact-sized cell phone is particularly designed like a sports phone having a-Gps navigation, digital pedometer,that enables you to definitely keep track of and show you using your sporting activities. Battery from the Puma M1 phone provides you with about 350 hrs in stand-by position contributing to five hrs of talk-time. Video playback survived roughly 5 hrs as the while using very good music player could achieve about 24 hrs.

The Puma M1 includes a roar tone when getting a text, that could be a little off putting if you are around the bus or tube. The Puma M1 set is clearly targeted toward a young active market having a concentrate on sports and entertainment, and for the reason that respect it’s driven with a brand everyone recognizes. Puma applications give fast access to Puma items and much more sporty features. Another VGA camera is incorporated for video calls. Connect to the latest news, gossip and weather using the 3rd generation HSDPA internet browser. Texting options include SMS, MMS, Email and Im. Selling around 300 it’s in no way cheap but I am sure most begin to see the value inside it.

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