The new sony LIB 81 A2 Tape Library Is really a Wise Option For AIT2 Tape Media Format

Growing volume of stiff information retentions rules and rush of information amounts have intensified the information space challenges. However, risks like infections, all-natural catastrophes, hardware malfunctions, electricity failures, and software bugs may furthermore result in complete or limited information reduction. That’s why the requirement for backup space answer is becoming essential for companies off dimensions & types.

AIT backup cassette format remains unrivaled when it comes to trustworthiness, space capacity and compactness. This intelligent and economical tape-based answer was designed by The new sony. AIT backup cassette answer fits well in work stations, mid-sized companies, workgroups, large databases, retail hosts, government departments and businesses. If you’re thinking about automated backup answer, use The new sony AIT collection family first./p>

The new sony LIB-81/A2, AIT collection offers large media capacity of.40 TB (uncompressed) in 1U cut top. This space-efficient collection allows easy integration to your information center and provides greater backup rate of 56.16 GB/hr. Its user-friendly control features and automatic backup copies lead using the bigger running efficiency and superior trustworthiness. The new sony LIB-81/A2 collection utilizes AIT 2 cassette development. Track of 8 AIT-2 cassette tubes, together with a individual AIT-2 drive might be that come with the gathering.

The new sony AIT-2 backup tapes are supplied having a native capacity of 50GB and 36GB. Part volume of AIT-2 50GB cartridge is SDX2-50C, and for that reason of AIT-2 36GB cartridge is SDX2-36C. Earthworm system is furthermore based on AIT2 format. Earthworm is really a reliable performance which prevents dangerous over-documents and unintended erasures. With this particular innovative Earthworm feature, the folks satisfies the regulating conformity needs. Part volume of The new sony AIT2 Earthworm cassette is SDX2-50W.

Data compression ratio of AIT development is greater than which of rival cassette forms. AIT forces guaranteeabsolute integrity in an impressive information compression rate of two.6:1. In compressed mode, the capability of The new sony LIB-81/A2 collection boasts with 1.04 TB. The The new sony collection supports a larger spectrum from it conditions using its Ultra2 Wide SCSI program.

The new sony-top quality backup space items would be the customer’s first choice. In the end, The new sony continues to be technology leader to obtain more than 5 years. For individuals loyal clients of The new sony, I’ve mentioned under several Sony’s ideal selling cassette media tubes:

LTX800G, The new sony LTO4 ultrium tape

LTX1500G, The new sony LTO 5 tape

DGDAT72, The new sony DAT72 tape

SDX3-100C, The new sony AIT-3 tape

DGDAT320, The new sony DAT-320 tape

DL4TK88, The new sony dlt-iv tape

The new sony features a unique MIC (memory in cassette) development which boosts the data access speed and time upwards the searching procedure. Average information access time supplied by The new sony LIB-81/A2 collection is gloomier than 10 moments. In purchase with decrease cassettedegeneration, The new sony features an very robust “gemstone-like carbon” media finish. Consequently, the The new sony AIT-2 cassette sheds less debris and keeps consistent performance throughout thick workloads.

The new sony AIT2 cassette forces are specified with run at 300,000 energy-on hrs at 100% responsibility cycle. Average useful existence of The new sony AIT 2 cartridge is 3 decades or 30,000 complete cassette passes. With The new sony AIT-2 cassette answer, the IT proprietors may effectively meet a number of objectives including prolonged expression space, reliable trustworthiness, protection, superior performance minimizing total possession cost. Product and software names mentioned throughout this short article are trademarks and therefore are sole home inside proprietors.

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