The liberty Of Speech Cost Lives

The household of the Congolese journalist Mr. Francis Aubin Banzouzi Mabi continues to be kidnapped after he earned a forty-five minutes documentary on Brazzaville Arms Depot Explosion that was diffused on DRTV yesterday evening.

About 200 everyone was wiped out on Sunday (March fourth) when an arms dump skyrocketed in Brazzaville, capital from the Congo Republic, a senior official within the presidency stated, stating hospital sources. 100s more were hurt through the blasts which rocked the riverside capital from the oil-creating nation in the morning, flattening houses close to the scene and delivering a plume of smoke high over the city.

Based on Mr. Francis’ video clip it had been over 1000 individuals who were wiped out not just 200 reported by the federal government. He recorded testimonies of individuals declining to think the explosions have been triggered accidently with a fire within the arms depot within the “Rgiment Blind” located in Mpila neighborhood as stated through the Defense Minister Charles Zacharie Bowao.

People blamed the leader Denis Sassou-Nguesso for been the origin from the chaos in the united states. Lots of people confirmed the explosions happen to be triggered by general Blaise Adoua’s body pads following a news he was dead after being poisoned through the leader (Denis Sassou-Nguesso). Mr. Francis’ forty-five minutes documentary demonstrated pictures of stress-stricken people around the roads of nearby communities. There have been also images of numerous hurt people being rushed to hospital or just being given first-aid in the pub and pictures of people that were insulting the leader for his wrongdoing and participation within the chaos.

He demonstrated crowded hospitals where doctors stated these were choosing individuals who have been seriously hurt to possess immediate surgery. Many people wanted the leader was dead because he what food was in the foundation from the chaos and also the population dying.

One interviewee mentioned that -leader Denis Sassou-Nguesso has been around energy for a long time and all sorts of he is doing is killing people which needs to stop-.

After diffusing the forty-five minutes documentary, Mr. Francis’ (the journalist) home was raid through the police, his wife and 2 kids were removed and Mr. Francis’ co-worker seemed to be kidnapped. The location from the reporter (Mr. Francis Aubin Banzouzi Mabi ) are unknown.

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