The G-SHOCK cooperation with SMG’s G-001HC-1

Annual G-SHOCK Party are because of set the town increase of guy-that has attracted attention this season, 2011G-SHOCK Party isn’t any exception, “G-SHOCK father,” stated the Iraqi Secretary of state for Ju-hung, G-SHOCK top Nakamura W, Mr. Asai Mr. Lengthy Xiong, Mr. Fan in a long time and thus have made an appearance, using the visitors and also the G-SHOCK online buddies to talk about tales. Li Chen with respect to the increase of individuals, SMG, among the primary reasons Zhang Zhuonan, adFunture primary reason people EDDI, etc. made an appearance to talk about equally attractive. However when it involves probably the most spoken about scene G fans, obviously, is proven within the exhibition from the series G-SHOCK selection. Which exhibit G-SHOCK brand using the tide, celebrity watch the stunning debut collaboration, letting the scene G-SHOCK Fans feast for that eyes.

Stanley Huang through the G-SHOCK voice in the style of the DW-6900HUANG-3DR prototype G-SHOCK Classic models from 6900, using the three new large LCD window and hard design has won the Fans dial in hot pursuit. Stanley Huang utilizes a low-key and delightful dark eco-friendly with gold and, more subtly right into a unique “Bunny” backlit display along with a special table box packaging, the whole design is filled with Stanley Huang’s strong flavor, yuppie-style manifest . Host changed in to the landmass through the famous line the primary reason people Tide brand Li Chen, continues to be close co-operation using the G-SHOCK, the 2011GS shock from the evening, Li Chen accessory for becoming host of the news conference outdoors, both primary NIC Is Originating reasonable person’s identity made an appearance to express around the G-SHOCK’s sights and vision, but additionally introduced a yellow and eco-friendly-based color G-001HC-3, full expression from the G-SHOCK] and [Absolute Toughness NPC] [Help Make Your Existence COLOURFUL spirit. Whether it’s a bold utilization of color or design on the table to create wonderful graffiti, people forget. SMG through the well-known music performer Mr. Lin Junjie founded the company in from “Still Moving UnDer Gun firE” – known to as SMUDGE concept started to help remind us of existence, belief and philosophy will define our way of life as well as in our picture of existence left traces. The G-SHOCK cooperation with SMG’s G-001HC-1, the military-style using the G-SHOCK Tough presented through the spirit of integration, and also the table to create the camouflage pattern presented through the “hook-line camouflage”, low-key and vivid the co-top quality type of expression.

Founded through the EDDI YIP adFunture exactly the same cooperation using the G-SHOCK, the G-SHOCK Master Of G Series watches are equipped for a four robot table chair, both ornamental and practical, but additionally in most the particulars to mirror online resources G Series watch features and different features, the G-SHOCK watches all feature within the image presented in ways higher productivity.

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