The Expansion Trend of CWDM Items

The CWDM Mux/P-mux is really a universal device able to mixing nine optical signals right into a fiber pair, it is made to interoperate with both Wave-Ready type of transponder and optical regenerator solutions in addition to CWDM transponders and small form-factor pluggables (SFPs) utilized in broadly available transmission equipment.

In nowadays, CWDM items are broadly used on the planet, so increasing numbers of people are planning the issue of what is the expansion trend of CWDM items? Lately, the optical transceiver module and also the multiplexing and p-multiplexing device cost is among important aspects to limit the CWDM product. With the introduction of the marketplace and advances in manufacturing technology, to help reduce the price of equipment is a vital development direction. To build up E wave band optical device technologies to create CWDM items mature as quickly as possible, to build up 10G rate optical funnel technology to enhance the capability and scalability of CWDM system and also to support various business interface may be the CWDM development direction. Metropolitan area network access layer around the service interface require is the motivation for every manufacturer to help develop multi-business interface. CWDM equipment will give you Further ed, General electric, SDH, ESCON, FC services interface. Another development direction would be to mix with MSTP or high end routing and switching products as a means to extended line side capacity of MSTP products or high-speed router. To supply multiple quantity of a optical layer and also the business layer protection function is another direction of development regarding meet the requirements of various clients.

The further improvement of network management technology and also the equipment safety, reliability along with other aspects could enhance the competition on the market. For that recently released G.652C fiber, the G.652C cable cost is 2 of this of G.652B. As E band CWDM optical transceiver module technologies are not mature, it’s unlikely to make use of whole band CWDM equipment for the short term (one to two years). Using G.652C cable has got the problem of huge investment, on effectiveness in a nutshell-terms, so you will find some certain limitations to make use of G.652C fiber in metropolitan optical network.

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